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asmodus helve 150wIt’s time to plunge into the world of e-liquid flavors provided by different manufacturers from different countries. Each new taste is a kind of mix, some tastes from the vape juice flavors list during the creation process were changed several times, new e-liquid ingredients were added, the proportions of the content of the main components of the liquid varied. Those tastes that are presented today in e-liquid reviews of Bryn’s Special Sauce are the end result; these are what can be called the best of the best ones according to the mixologists of the company.

The company uses only the best components in its practice, with the help of which it is possible to create a liquid. If you have chosen one of the tastes, then be ready to immediately get a box in your hand, in which there will be three bottles of 10 ml.

Each bottle has a cover with protection from children, the company offers liquids with nicotine content of 0, 3 and 6 mg per ml, the ratio of components is not quite standard, glycerin predominates, which is based on 80%. The taste of each best e-liquid flavor concentrate is distinguished by the presence of a variety of ingredients. Multiple mixes – this is a kind of company’s chip. And honestly, the company does not ask a lot for money, compared to other e-juice wholesale suppliers. In addition, in different online stores you can always meet these liquids at a discount.

Papricot Custard

If you got tired during the whole day and want to rest, then this liquid will become another find for you, who know, maybe you will vape it on a permanent basis. Warm soft peach in combination with crushed apricot and the addition of vanilla custard. But that’s not all; you will find the tastes of such dried fruits as grapes, plums and apples in this variety of premium fruit juice brands.

Sour Blue Sorbet

These are the liquids with real sourness. Forget everything you’ve tried before, now there’s a new favorite. If you have not tried this liquid, then you do not know what is real sour in liquids for electronic cigarettes. It is a very simple, but at the same time perfectly executed liquid, in which a sorbet with allusions to the presence in it of such components as blueberries and raspberries is the original component. Quite unobtrusive taste, but at the same time 30 ml of liquid will be used in the nearest future.

asmodus helve 150w