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Cheap premium vape juiceThe main difference between electronic cigarettes with cheap premium vape juice from conventional cigarettes is the absence of a combustion process – instead they evaporate e-liquid flavors. As a consequence, their use does not lead to the ingestion of tar and various carcinogenic substances into the body. Vape-liquid cheap differs in the content of nicotine and taste; otherwise, they are similar in e-liquid ingredients.

Composition of the best e-liquid flavor concentrate of cheap premium vape juice: Serving for electronic cigarettes with cheap premium vape juice of the best e-juice brands includes the following components for creating top vape flavors:

Propylene glycol. Responsible for the disclosure of taste, also causes a slight spasm of the larynx, which is familiar to all smokers – the so-called “blow to the throat”. Harmless, is a food additive. Used in food, cosmetics and other industries.

Glycerol. Harmless, responsible for vaporization. It is also a food additive. The field of application of glycerin is diverse: food, pharmacological, medical and other industries.

Distilled water. Not used by every manufacturer of liquids for vaping, serves to give greater fluidity.

They are the ones that give the liquid for electronic cigarettes a certain taste. They are divided into two types – natural and artificially synthesized. Harmless, applied everywhere. There are hundreds of different flavors – from classic fruit and tobacco to exotic ones, like Tula honey-cake or liquorice.

Nicotine. It is what is responsible for the blow to the throat and the feeling of satisfaction. Perhaps the only component of the fluid that has a significant effect on the body. Contrary to popular belief, purified nicotine is not much more harmful than the same caffeine. In any case, in ordinary cigarettes nicotine is one of the least harmful elements.

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