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The JUUL vaporizer has directed temperature keys and uses nicotine salts as found in the tobacco leaf instead of free-base nicotine. These characteristics are one of a kind to JUUL and enable you to encounter total opportunity from the chaos of fiery debris and scent. JUUL gives a choice to fulfill the guidelines of smokers hoping to change from smoking cigarettes.
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The Starter Kit highlights four JUUL prefilled e-fluid units, all of which come in 1.7% nicotine by weight (20mg of nicotine) and gives around 200 puffs for each refill. With the kinds of these units running from any semblance of Golden Tobacco to Glacial Mint, there’s certain to be a flavor that will best suit your taste-buds!

Thus, in case you’re searching for a mouth to lung vape gadget that includes a basic interface, exhaustive flavor assortment and absence of waiting smell, JUUL stand head and shoulders regardless of anything else.
The range of devices and accessories:
Ice sheet MINT PODS – 4 PACK
JUUL Refill unit comprises of 4 cases in a Glacier Mint flavor. The flavor comprises of a fresh peppermint with a relieving trailing sensation.
JUUL Refill unit comprises of 4 cases in a Golden Tobacco enhance. The flavor comprises of a solid brilliant tobacco with fragrant notes.