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The term “vaping” comes from the English word “to vape”, which means “breathe in and out”, which is produced by an electronic cigarette or vapor device. Interestingly, this title “to vape” became widely known in 2014 according to the drafters of the Oxford Dictionary. Such definitive conclusion strikingly mirrors the yearly world influences- “Selfie” was the word of the year in 2013.

Vaping or consumption of e-liquid brands has become a mass culture. It is not enough for vaping fans just to look for new brands in e-liquid wholesale. They want to show how professionally they are able to vape electronic cigarettes. To this end, they organize a competition of vaping. This competition is dedicated to one of our e-liquid reviews.

Vaping competitions or vaping battles are very vivid spectacles, which already have many fans around the world. At the moment it is customary to allocate several “smoky battles” as the main types.
Two people usually compete: they stand with their backs to each other, take a breath at the command and blow out vapor out of the lungs. The winner is the one who can create a cloud of a larger size. This is called Cloudchasing.

Another type of competition is tricks with the vapor: however, these are not simple rings, but various figures and their combinations. Performers of the most intricate vaping tricks become winners. The third type of competition is called vaping alchemy or compilation of a new free vape juice. This is a new, but also popular form of competition, which gives vapers the opportunity to practice in vape flavors diy and create the most unusual top vape flavors.

Although, vaping is a relatively young invention, but it is already fully implemented, therefore, it is responsible for the competitions here. In addition, now such battles are not only an opportunity to have fun, but also to make good money. In any case, such competitions are a useful factor for premium e-juice sale.

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