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SMOK MICO Pod Vape Kit is a pod system of Smok Company. The developers chose the established form factor of a small box mod with a 700 mAh battery installed inside it without the possibility of adjusting the output power at the user level, and the heart of the device is three cartridge options, among which there are both classic operating time with a conventional spiral and modern options like ceramic evaporators and cartridges based on mesh evaporation elements.

Like most systems of this class, the SMOK MICO Pod Vape Kit device is divided into two main parts – the battery compartment and the cartridge, which contains the liquid tank, the evaporating part of the device and a proprietary mouthpiece;

The battery of the SMOK MICO Pod Vape Kit device is a small box mod with a built-in battery with a capacity of 700 mAh – the numbers may seem rather modest, but you should understand that devices of this class are not designed for soaring at high power and are mainly used in combination with liquids with increased strength nicotine, which provides a sufficiently long working time from a single charge. A USB port for recharging is located on the side panel of the device; a current of up to 0.5A is used for recharging, which allows recharging the battery pack both from a computer with a laptop and through an adapter from an AC mains;

The SMOK MICO Pod Vape Kit device is activated by tightening through the mouthpiece, but for transportation the box mod was equipped with the ability to block its operation – a small lever for turning on and off is located on the side panel of the device;

A small LED indicator of the battery charge level is also located on the device’s body under the switch, by the color change of which you can understand the approximate battery level. So, if the color of the LED is green – the charge level is more than 70%, if orange – above 30% and if red – it is recommended to set the device to charging.