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Vq pods for JuulWe will include an ever increasing number of Juul Compatible units. Our freshest expansion is the vq pods for Juul and they fit perfectly with your Juul gadget. VQ pods come in numerous flavors including grape soft drink, smooth strawberry, Super Berry, and Mango Bliss. It additionally accompanies new flavors like the Raspberry sweet tea.
The VQ Pods for JUUL pack incorporate for cases. Each unit contains 1ML of salt nicotine which implies you get 30% more Liquid than the bona fide Juul Pods.
Another component of this juul good is that the VQ has a similar measure of nicotine as the Juul at 5%.

Our interpretation of Vq cases: The salt juice enhance on this one is actually similar to the name says. They got the flavors unequivocally right. When you attempt their grape soft drink units, you will taste precisely a grape soft drink. In the event that you get mango delight, at that point a scrumptious new mango flavor will be all you tasting. No terrible persistent flavor or additional seasoning. Vq pods are an unquestionable requirement attempt.

There is an extraordinary option to the overrated Juul brand cases; these are ensured to work in any JUUL type gadget! Each pack contains 4 PODS. Watermelon Ice: Sweet watermelon with a cooling ice wrap up. Exceptionally invigorating! A fan top choice!
Raspberry Sweet Tea: Sweet and tart, our Raspberry sweet tea will make your mouth water after each drag, you won’t have any desire to put this one down!

Lemon Lime Soda: they have made up a soft drink water base for these 2 enhances that gives you a remarkable sensation with each puff. This flavor tastes precisely like your preferred lemon lime soft drink and will be your new most loved flavor point of fact!
Assortment PACK:
Can’t choose which one of our new flavors to attempt? Why not attempt them all with our assortment pack? All units are Juul perfect fluid cases.
Peach – Sweet and scrumptious new peaches that will most likely be your new most loved flavor!
Grape Soda – Sweet grapes with a trace of effervescence that will take your taste buds for an epic ride.
Wild Cherry – The main Wild Cherry unit available! Our scrumptious wild cherry will make you return for all the more inevitably.
Raspberry Sweet Tea – Sweet and tart, our Raspberry Sweet Tea will make your mouth water after each drag. You won’t have any desire to put this one down!