just try e-cigs now

Are you looking for new sensations, new tastes and above all do you have the ambition to give up tobacco? We have a solution, the e-cigarette! The world of the vape is extraordinary, thanks to all these new trends, these mods, these accessories, and these research which make us shout from all the roofs of the world that the cloud is great!

Speaking of clouds, we are going to talk about some vaping tips, which must be known by you new and why not old ones who are hungry for experience. The end of the suspense is about direct and indirect steam inhalation techniques.

We’re sure most of you are wondering what. But don’t panic, we are here to explain the differences between these two types of inhalation!

First of all, let’s start with an indirect inhalation, the one that comes closest to the sensation found when drawing on a classic cigarette. This inhalation consists of sucking in the vapour and keeping it in the mouth before sending it into the lungs. On the hardware side, indirect inhalation is associated with resistors with a high value expressed in ohms and low power. This way, the vapour will release slowly and be suitable for a long draw.

We advise all new vapers to start with equipment intended for indirect inhalation to find an effect similar to cigarettes. This will allow you to gradually reduce or stop your tobacco consumption without falling back into it.

During direct inhalation, the vapour is sent directly into your lungs, in other words, you are vaping with your lungs open. This type of inhalation allows you to feel less nicotine so you will feel less of this sensation of being hit in the throat. With this type of drawing, you will create a denser vapour by using a system with resistances whose value expressed in ohms is very low (called the sub-ohm), with high power (in watts). This means that you will vaporize the e-liquid very quickly and therefore the draw will be very short because you are inhaling a large amount of vapour in a short time.

We recommend anyone wishing to produce a dense vapour favour direct inhalation.

Finally, what you need to remember are the different types of inhalation that will give you a real experience with the electronic cigarette. a relatively important point to start in the best conditions. The type of inhalation changes depending on the material used to vary the pleasure and have a different taste experience.

The desired inhalation is specific to each person depending on the experience they want to live.