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“My e-cigarette is keeping to leaking!”: every good vaper faced this problem one day, whether beginner or confirmed. Do not panic! I’m here to guide you, to help you find where the problem comes from and to solve it with you!

Be careful, do not confuse leakage with condensation.

First step: identify where the leak is coming from?

The most common leaks are:

  • at the connection between your clearomiser, your cartridge and your box.
  • at the mouthpiece (drip tip) or the airflow ring.
  • at the junction of the base of the clearomizer and the tank.
  • at the USB port of your box. It is extremely rare! In this case, you have picked up the pompom. Your battery is not recoverable. 

Second step: understand why it leaks

Many reasons could be the cause of your leak. One thing is certain: “leak” is not synonymous with “putting your favourite e-cigarette in the trash”! So, put yourself in the shoes of your favourite detective and lead your investigation to put an end to these leaks which prevent you from enjoying a 100% pleasure vape! 

Make sure that your e-cigarette is not defective

Whether your cigarette is in tube, pod or box format. Make sure your resistance is correctly screwed or clipped! Make sure that the joints of your resistance are not ribbed and correctly positioned in the grooves provided for this purpose. When you change pyrex, make sure you position the joints in the same place, in the same direction, without crushing them and tightening everything!

Check that the seals that seal your pyrex (top and bottom of the glass of your pyrex) are not crushed (this can happen if you screw the top cap with a little too firm a turn of the hand). In this case, put the replacement gaskets that were provided when you purchased your equipment. If you have misplaced them, 2 options are available to you:

  • Either you buy a pyrex while ensuring that it is delivered with seals (be careful not all brands do this).
  • Either you buy a new atomizer.

Check the power setting of your battery.

Adjust the power of your box by respecting the range of use of your resistance. (It is engraved on your resistance. For example -10-14 W).

For beginners: do not start with high powers, the volume of steam is important. And you’ll be flooded with steam and won’t be able to inhale it. Do not pull your e-cigarette fully when the battery is almost empty. If it “gurgles” when you inhale, beware of the risk of leaking and rising e-liquid.

Adapt your resistance to your vape!

If you underuse your coil, you won’t inhale all of the vapour. It will remain in the flue of your clearomiser, then condense and evacuate through the base of your clearomiser and the vents of your airflow. For 90% of former smokers, your method of drawing is indirect inhaling.

Opt for clearomizers and resistors designed for indirect inhalation. You have to find the resistance that suits your type of vape. It’s a compromise that requires a bit of break-in when converting to vaping. Test different resistors whose ohm value is greater than 1 ohm. You will find the one that suits you best.

Vaping with a worn coil can also cause leaks.

Choose your e-liquid carefully!

Take e-liquids with a PG/VG ratio adapted to your coils. In short: when the value of your resistance is greater than or equal to 1 ohm, opt for e-liquids mainly composed of propylene glycol (PG) (at least 60%). The lower the ohm value, less than 0.6 ohms, it is essential to take thick e-liquids with a high level of vegetable glycerin (> 60% – ideally 70% and +).

Do not overfill your tank beyond the maximum.

Do not put e-liquid in the central hole of your resistance. Beware of the temperature of your e-liquids: it is imperative to protect your e-cigarette from heat sources (exposure to the sun, near a fireplace in winter, behind the windows of your car in summer, etc.). Indeed, there is a risk of overheating your e-liquid and your battery. It’s very dangerous.

Don’t vape like you used to smoke!

  • Do not unscrew the base of your clearomizer when you turn the airflow ring (a classic for beginners with Zenith clearomizers from Innokin)!
  • Close the airflow ring when filling your tank
  • Don’t vape like you used to smoke: don’t vape 15 puffs in a row as you did with your traditional cigarette. When vaping, draw times are longer and smoother. They are also further apart. You have to inhale all of the vapour. If there is too much vapour, align the power of your box to the minimum of the power of the recommended range of use for your resistors, and reduce the opening of the airflow or take resistors with a higher ohm value high.
  • Improper airflow adjustment can also cause leaks (do not fully open the airflows when vaping at low power (< 25 watts). Opening the airflows promotes condensation and therefore leaks.
    If you pull too much on the mouthpiece, an overpressure can occur in your clearomiser and generate leaks.

I hope these clues will help you to carry out your little research!