just try e-cigs now

Atrend with a thousand flavours and highly appreciated by its consumers, despite the fairly high price, the electronic cigarette is attracting more and more vapers. Some smokers quit traditional cigarettes to switch to electronic cigarette vaping. But what is an electronic cigarette? How does it work and what is the online sale price? Is it dangerous for health?

What is an electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is an electronic device used to produce vapour. The process of producing vapour in electronic cigarettes is done without combustion. Fed by flasks with liquids in the device, the vapour is inhaled by consumers as for smokers of traditional cigarettes. For the e-cigarette, consumers have the choice between various flavours. The vapour is produced with flavoured liquids, so vapers can choose the flavour that suits them. The electronic cigarette does not work without a special device intended for this purpose. To go into a little more detail, the device is composed of an atomizer and a clearomizer. The atomizer is the part that heats the liquid for the aerosol and the clearomizer is the reservoir containing the liquid.

What about the price of electronic cigarettes?

The price of electronic cigarettes is not really within the reach of all budgets. But despite the high price for these, it is possible to find cheap electronic cigarettes. The price varies according to the models and the capacity of the tank. Refills are credited with another rate. It depends on the aromas and the capacities of the bottle. It is still possible to have cheap electronic cigarettes. Especially for online shops. They are in direct collaboration with the suppliers and with the competition, the prices are automatically lowered.

The effects of electronic cigarettes on health

Electronic cigarettes are a simulation of the act of smoking the classic cigarette. They allow smokers to stop the influence of tobacco on them. The main purpose of electronic cigarettes is to stop the introduction of nicotine into the lungs. E-cigarettes are less dangerous than traditional cigarettes for sure, but don’t they cause other diseases for vapers? For now, the answer remains unclear, researchers have not yet been able to say whether the e-cigarette can be harmful or not. To find out, we would have to wait for the long-term effects on vapers. The consumption of electronic cigarettes is recommended just for smokers who want to quit and for that even a  cheap electronic cigarette will do.