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Have you put an end to traditional cigarettes and tobacco and opted for an electronic cigarette? Is it time to replace your vape wick? And for your reel? But you don’t know how to do it? Or how can you know if it’s time to replace them or if they still need a little life? Is there any way to keep them alive? Get all the answers by reading this article!

What is the lifespan of your e-cigarette wicks?

A new cartridge can last one to two weeks. Nevertheless, the majority of liquids leave a fine trace of residue after being vaporized. This residue concentrates on the coils and wicks and can ultimately foul your device. Although you replace the cartridge every two weeks, also remember that it is important to clean your electronic cigarette properly.

Among the advantages of regularly cleaning your vaping instrument, we mention the following:

thanks to cleaning, you make your tank and refill the last longer, while not doing so has the opposite effect;
increased performance: periodic cleaning is responsible for cleaning the agglomerated residues that may end up at the level of the atomizer and deteriorate the flavour of your e-liquid. This waste can also clog the ventilation holes and cause a rise in temperature and dry hits;
more taste: the moment of pleasure for the smoker is above all linked to the quality of the aroma. Cleaning your tank and vape coils is essential to enjoying your e-liquid, as a clean accessory will provide more refreshing and flavorful flavours without any residue.
Does the change in flavours cause a change in the wicks of your electronic cigarette?
This question is currently hotly debated. A few smokers persist in replacing their wicks and coils whenever they change the flavour of their e-liquid.

This means you won’t be able to fully savour the true taste of the new e-liquid. And if you think about it, it seems logical. However, if the flavours are the same, you’ll probably want to continue using the wick and coil to extend the life of your e-cigarette wick.

How to clean your electronic cigarette to last longer?
To prolong the life of your new coil and improve the performance of your unit, simply clean it. When you need to replace the refill, your next move is to prime the product and not smoke right away. Priming and cleaning will save you the expense of buying a new spray head and will increase the quality of performance.

You should know that all vape cartridges are not necessarily cleanable. Pod device sensors won’t clean themselves because you can’t get to them. The only way to replace a worn or defective coil is to replace it with another.

The second type is replaceable cartridges which take two forms: cartridge heads for reservoirs, which are housed in a small metal compartment that contains an absorbent wick; and the crowns for the rechargeable ones, in which you install and put the wick. Even though interchangeable coils clean more or less well, they are not necessarily the best options, especially because fixed absorbent wicks retain some of the dirt and take much longer to dry.

Clean to keep the wicks of your electronic cigarette longer
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your spool:

remove the wicks from your electronic cigarette;
dry burn the coils as gently as possible;
take out the atomizer from your device;
pass the atomizer under the tap (you can use a toothbrush to remove any residue);
rinse it again;
dry burn the coil to remove water drops.