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Very quickly, manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have redoubled their inventiveness to ensure an effective and safe vape for vapers. At the beginning of the e-cigarette, the vaping equipment offered only modest power and the onboard security was relatively limited… 

To reduce the risks and make life easier for users, vaping players have developed point of electronic mods which shine by their incredible capacity to inform us of the problems which can occur! Among these small problems that we may encounter, the message “Atomizer Short” climbs to the first step of the podium… We help you to know the reasons which lead the box to display this message and the solutions to ensure a return to normal .


“Atomizer low” literally means the value of the coil of your clearomiser or atomiser is too low for your box. Each model indeed supports different minimum values. All electronic mods are not equal when it comes to ohms… Material intended for cloud chasing will most of the time, be able to receive resistors with a minimum value of 0.10 ohm. E-cigarettes designed for MTL, for example, will have a more restrictive range of use. To be sure of the value accepted by your model, consult the datasheet for each of our products, refer to your user manual or consult the manufacturer’s website. By collecting as much information as possible about your e-cigarette, you will save yourself some frustration. If you are unable to determine the source of the problem, do not panic: solutions exist!


As you will have understood, if your box displays the message “Atomizer low”, this indicates that the resistance set-up is too low: your mod will not be able to supply energy to your clearomizer or atomizer.

The first solution is to simply change resistance and prefer another with a higher value. This quick and easy manipulation will apply to all clearomisers, whether MTL, RDL or DL ​​oriented.

In the case of a  rebuildable tank or dripper-type atomizer, it will be necessary to redo your assembly with a higher value! This method requires a few minutes of work but the chances of the problem being solved are particularly high. The end justifies the means!

If the “Atomizer Low” message persists after a change of coil or resistance, there is a good chance that the problem comes from connectivity. You can use a paper towel or a soft cloth, to clean the thread of your box as well as the pin 50 of your atomizer or clearomizer. Over time, dirt accumulates which leads to disappointments. Take care of your electronic cigarette, it will pay you back!


You know it better than anyone, an e-cigarette runs on electricity, which involves risks that should not be overlooked. If you are unable to solve your problem by following our advice, do not tempt the devil by dismantling your electronic cigarette, this is all the more true if it has an integrated battery!

The vape is a great weaning tool intended to save lives…