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Without a coil, a  rebuildable atomizer cannot work… Essential, the resistors can be made yourself or, on the contrary, purchased pre-made. If you opt for coils already made, you save yourself the hardest part: the realization! But all is not finished for as much, you must proceed to their installation.


After defining your expectations, you have acquired a pre-made coil. Comes the crucial moment to put it in place in the atomizer. If your rebuildable has a postless plate, i.e. without mounting studs, it will be necessary to cut the legs of the coil to the correct length beforehand. If your coil is too high or too low, it could touch the top cap or the deck and inevitably generate a short circuit… 

But if your atomizer has studs (or posts, therefore) this step is not necessary and you will only have to put the resistance in place and cut the legs after having fixed this famous coil!

If you are a fan of the double coil, you will simply have to repeat the same step to place your second resistance. Be careful, however, to use strictly identical coils, placed at equal distances from the posts. With a double coil, the phase of cutting the legs is generally quite painful, due to the lack of space generated by the presence of the two resistors. Just arm yourself with patience!


Once your resistance is correctly installed and firmly held, you can move on to the stabilization phase. To make sure you do not have a hot spot, it is essential to heat the coil so that it reddens slightly but evenly. To do this, you will need to actuate your mod and use ceramic pliers to tighten the coils. This manipulation can also be performed with conventional pliers, but be careful not to use it when heating! Stabilizing your coil is a crucial step. Homogeneous heating will ensure you a pleasant vape! This also applies to the double coil.


You can now put the cotton in place. To ensure you have the right amount, the cotton should be able to slide into the coil, but you should still feel a slight resistance. If the cotton slips easily, it’s because there isn’t enough of it and you’ll become acquainted with the terror of all vapers: leaks! On the contrary, if the cotton slides too hard in the resistance, it means that you have put too much of it. And who says too much cotton says Dry Hit guaranteed! We, therefore, advise you to take the time to dose your cotton correctly: the game is worth the effort!


Pre-made coils no longer hold any secrets for you. Admittedly more expensive to buy, these allow you to indulge in rebuilding without many constraints. And if you turn to high-end coils like the MPCs, you are sure to have a robust product that will follow you for several months! Happy vaping!