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To this day, battery packs are very popular among vape lovers. Their main advantages are compact size, the ability to control various settings indicators. Box mods for vape pens are practical and easy to use. They combine a convenient design and excellent functionality. Boxmod for 1 battery will be a great alternative not only to cigarettes, but also to hookah.
Single-battery mods for vape pens have the following advantages:

• Taste sensations are independent of battery power for box mods. The board on the mod is able to stabilize the voltage so that there are no sudden jumps, so the sweater will not be able to taste the burning.

• Safety. Electronic mods for vape pens for one battery provide special protection against short circuits, as well as against too low or very high charge.
• The probability of acquiring a fake mod box is reduced to zero, because the board is difficult to copy.
Before you buy mods for vape pens for 1 battery, it is important to pay attention to the size of the case and the material of manufacture. The convenience of the device depends on these parameters. In terms of practicality, it is worth considering the technical characteristics of the vape boss.

• Screen and setup. It’s convenient when the mod can be customized for your vaping and see the settings on the screen. Cheap vape mods come with factory settings; these models are perfect for a beginner.
• Battery type and capacity. The larger the mAh is, the longer the battery will hold a charge. It is better to prefer with removable batteries 18650 or 21700 mAh.
• Power. Beginners and fans of a cigarette puff should choose models of box mods with a power of 30-100 W – comfortable power for moderate vaping. Lovers of bulk, you need to order a powerful box mod for 2 batteries 150-220 watts.

• Modes of operation and additional functions. On the market you can find models of mods for vape pens with the option of thermal monitoring, the ability to update firmware, etc. Manufacturers produce devices with a player and a pedometer.