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To obtain perfect taste combinations, we analyzed over 500 of the best e-liquid flavors, which productions are located in the United States, Germany and Canada. The result of this research was an unexpected finding. Each of the existing e-liquid brands is a collection of original taste and excellent quality.

You just need to remember that everyone is guided by own tastes. As with ordinary cigarettes, everyone must find a cheap premium vape juice satisfying the own taste. You cannot judge e-cigarettes, estimating the results of testing of just one fluid.

The liquids for electronic cigarettes have predominantly the same composition of e-liquid ingredients. However, the main difference is the quality of raw materials, which are used in production. Famous producers have the opportunity to check raw materials, lead researching during the preparation of liquids. These measures will ensure a qualitative composition of the liquid for vaping.

It is worth mentioning that there is a premium vape juice brands list, which can be classified as the category of premium e-juice sale market segment.

It is possible to note such qualitative vaping liquids in the market as Joyetech, Savourea.
·Joyetech. This manufacturer has up to 40 kinds of liquids. There are classical and varied top vape flavors. In addition, the company established the production of sets for vaping. The disadvantage of this manufacturer is a rather dense composition, because of which, the electronic cigarette has a property to burn.

Savourea. This vaping liquid is produced in France. There is a large number of flavors, actually about 38. While vaping this brand, you can enjoy your favorite tastes like: caramel, mint apple. The best e-juice brands of France are famous for the wide assortment of tastes of mint and menthol.

The premium fluids that were mentioned above can be replaced by equally famous analogs:

Flavourart. The Italian company, which has a wide range of liquids, has good quality and reasonable price.