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blueberry Juul compatible podsSearching for juul compatible pods, do not miss the offers of EonSmoke Blueberry Juul compatible pods. These blueberry Juul compatible pods are smooth, sweet and delightful blueberry season. They’re an incredible choice for vapers who like a succulent, quietly sweet fluid; however they aren’t as sugary as a pastry vape, they convey a wonderful hit of fruity flavor.

EonSmoke units are perfect with the JUUL and have a nicotine salt equation for a smooth, fulfilling breathe in. You can purchase EonSmoke cases in two nicotine qualities: 40mg (4%) or 60mg (6%), and they are accessible in packs of 4.

In case you’re interested about the experience of supplanting JUUL units with perfect Blueberry juul compatible pods from Eonsmoke, these blueberry cases are the ones that we recommend you attempt first. Each time a JUUL client begins a gathering survey about the most prominent Eonsmoke case enhances, the blueberry flavor wins. You adore your JUUL – yet have you at any point felt somewhat desirous of companions who vape when you smell their e-fluids? Let’s face it; JUUL e-fluids are somewhat insipid in examination – or they were as of not long ago.

Eonsmoke’s blueberry JUUL-good case gives your JUUL e-cigarette the flavor you’ve generally wished it had. With a striking blueberry baked good flavor, this unit conveys notes of new berries enveloped by delicately seared mixture and secured with a sweet sugar coat. Find now why such huge numbers of JUUL clients are dumping their unique JUUL cases for Eonsmoke’s JUUL-good units!
Case estimate: 1 ml
Nicotine quality: 6%
Vegerable glycerol is proportioned to polypropylene glycol as sixty to forty.
Flavor notes: blueberry, baked good, sugar
If it’s not too much trouble recall that not at all like certified Juul cases most compatibles including this one don’t have a temperature controlled loop so should be utilized all the more delicately to abstain from wearing out unit/curls. Keep away from hard hits, puff tenderly for close to 3 seconds at that point hold up 30-60 seconds before next puff.

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