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IQOS is the electronic tobacco heating system from Philip Morris International. Is positioned as an extra useful and pretty hygienic alternative for smokers. Our company currently promotes this innovation and wishes to present you the best iqos buy online canada offers.

IQOS heats tobacco only. This is enough to extract the taste and nicotine from tobacco without having it burnt. We pay your attention to this while providing you our best IQOS buy online Canada offers.

For IQOS sticks, the manufacturers take natural tobacco leaves and finely chop them, as in a blender. The resulting powder is impregnated with glycerin and propylene glycol. These substances are added in order to provide evaporation. By itself, a dry tobacco leaf when heated to evaporate something will be weak. For the experiment, you can try to warm up any dry leaves in the pan – it will take a long time to get warm. But if the leaves wet with water, the aroma will begin to feel very soon.

Tobacco-glycerin gruel rolled, dried and cut into plates. Here we see these records inside the sticks.
When using IQOS, we breathe glycerin spray with nicotine and tobacco flavor. Glycerin is also the main ingredient in vape and e-cigarette fluids. Is it safe to breathe? The exact answer to this question is not specified anywhere. Therefore, we will conduct our own investigation.

Glycerin is widely used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. It is part of many creams and moisturizing cosmetics. In medicine, glycerin is used to soften the mucous membranes. For example, in the composition of cough syrups or liquids for inhalation.Propylene glycol is a basic ingredient in the tobacco industry. It is used as a tobacco humidifier in regular cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco. Thanks to the addition of propylene glycol, tobacco doesn’t dry out any longer and retains its aroma.

What can we additionally offer you, would you primarily ask? Excellent customer care as well as flexible pricing and discount policy, these are good factors to promote innovative products.