just try e-cigs now

You are new to the world of vaping, or you simply want to learn about the gestures to avoid. If you make certain points mentioned in the article below, we advise you not to do them again in the future.

Not changing your resistance regularly

Unfortunately, no button will light up to tell you, hey ho, it’s been a while since you changed the resistance. And yet at the slightest doubt, change it, your vape will only be better. With a completely clogged resistance, you will feel much less the flavour of the liquid, a burnt aftertaste in the mouth and a much lower amount of vapour.

Using the wrong resistance and voltage

To avoid missteps, rely on your resistance which will tell you the value at which you must adjust the power of your battery, for example, it may indicate a value between 45 and 60 watts. So no risk of overheating.

Not cleaning your equipment

Be careful with your equipment, regularly clean your clearomiser, and the chimney of the clearomiser with a cotton swab, your drip tip and pass a handkerchief on your thread and your battery to have an e-cigarette always clean until the end of the vape.

Vape relentlessly

It is not a race, nor a cigarette, leave between two aspirations, for a few seconds so that your e-cigarette cools down. To vape without limit, you risk causing unjustified overheating. Also, remember to turn it off when you are not using it.

Vape any e-liquid

Don’t rush blindly to earn a few euros. Do not buy e- liquids whose origin cannot be certified. Depending on the country, the laws are different and the standards can be as well.

Also beware of appellations, which are not such as organic e -liquids, which are prepared from components for some from organic farming but do not make e-liquid a finished organic product. To date, there is no label to certify that an e-liquid is organic.

Buy non-certified equipment

Also beware of counterfeits, like all products that work, counterfeits are frequent and sometimes very well imitated. Make sure your e-cigarettes, chargers, and batteries are certified by a major brand, Eleaf, Joyetech, and Vaporesso. They generally provide a certificate of authenticity, with a unique serial number to identify the product. So beware of the very attractive prices for certain models of e-cigarettes, which could make you think that it is a counterfeit.

Ignite the battery without steam

If you constantly press the battery button without sucking, the liquid will not go to the resistance, which it is heating. The liquid can then overheat.

Vaping with an almost empty clearomizer

In the absence of E-liquid, your coil will heat up in a vacuum, it will be completely dry and at risk of burning.

If you follow these recommendations, you should not have any problems with your electronic cigarette.

In the meantime, good vape to all!