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What are the different types of the electronic cigarette? Also called vape or personal vaporizer, the e-cig takes different forms. These different functions correspond to very specific needs. Here is a small typology of the different electronic cigarettes that will help you see more clearly! 

Electronic cigarette tube

The first type of electronic cigarette and probably the simplest: is the tube-shaped one. This tubular format is mainly found in e-cigs for beginner vapers, but not only! Some models offer more advanced features and are suitable for intermediate vapers, who have already experimented with several modes of vaping. 

The tube electronic cigarette model most appreciated by beginner vapers who are getting into vaping is the eGo AIO kit from Joyetech. Very easy to use, efficient, solid and stylish, everyone agrees that it is an excellent choice for beginners in vaping! Its battery has an integrated clearomizer with a removable top cap to fill the tank. 

Electronic cigarette pod

Here is another type of e-cig that is suitable for beginner vapers. A pod-type electronic cigarette does not have a clearomizer but a pod, a kind of improved tank that contains a resistor. Some pods are disposable, sometimes even already filled with e-liquid as is the case with the Ecig W from Wpod. Other pods have removable resistance. Hyperlight and visually close to a cigarette, Joyetech’s eRoll MAC kit is a tube-type electronic cigarette that has a refillable pod system. It offers a tight draw close to the one you had when you smoked!

Electronic cigarette box 

Purchased as a complete kit or separately with a box and a clearomiser, the box-type electronic cigarette is suitable for expert vapers looking for many vape modes. These offer them the possibility of personalizing their vaping experience to test hitherto unknown sensations. Power vaping at high power thanks to an overpowered box, cloud chasing with a sub-ohm clearomiser designed to be used with High VG e-liquid… The options are endless!

Box-type e-cigs have either an integrated battery or 18650 or 21700 batteries. Generally, battery boxes are the most powerful! Some boxes allow customization of power curves and temperature control.

Disposable electronic cigarette

Even more practical than all previous models, here is the disposable electronic cigarette! Already filled with e-liquid, just suck it into a vape. The gesture is similar to that of smoking a cigarette, which makes the vaping experience totally satisfying for smokers who need to keep their bearings. Economical compared to tobacco, the disposable electronic cigarette is simply thrown away once its e-liquid tank is empty. Former heavy smokers will appreciate the feeling of immediate nicotine satisfaction provided by disposable e-cigs filled with e-liquid with nicotine salts!