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Do you remember that feeling when you smoked your first cigarette of the day? That cigarette that made your head spin? Difficult to find exactly this feeling today with classic nicotine e-liquids, but possible thanks to nicotine salt. Why?

Classic nicotine liquids contain simple nicotine called basic, in other words, purified (“free base”), while nicotine salt is a mixture of nicotine extracted from the tobacco leaf, combined with an organic acid called benzoic.

Nicotine salt is the closest form of nicotine to that found naturally in a traditional cigarette.

Nicotine salts do not appear in the form of crystals but in the form of a liquid that is added to a base of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. It is this key ingredient, benzoic acid, originally present in the form of crystals, which stabilizes the nicotine salts in liquids, and reduces the ph of the e-liquid while still providing a substantial dose of nicotine. The e-liquid being strongly nicotined, the benzoic acid reduces this irritating sensation ( hit ). Indeed, the hit is not absent but very diminished.

Understand the difference between basic nicotine and nicotine salt

Basic nicotine e-liquids

The e-liquids currently sold on the market are based on basic nicotine. To understand its effectiveness compared to the classic cigarette, it can be summarized with the rule of two 10s: it takes 10 minutes of vaping to obtain the same effects as with 10 seconds of traditional tobacco, it is, therefore, less effective than a traditional cigarette, and it is for this reason that you have the impression of vaping all day long unlike a few cigarettes smoked daily. To fill this lack of nicotine, we tend to increase the concentration of nicotine in e-liquids and when it passes through the throat, the sensation can, unfortunately, be unpleasant and synonymous with pain and coughing fits (for levels above 10mg/ml ). 

Nicotine salt e-liquids: an innovation to facilitate the transition to vaping

The concentration of nicotine being higher is very close to the sensation felt with a puff of a classic cigarette. The assimilation of nicotine into the blood is much faster: between 15 and 20 seconds. A considerable asset to easily make the transition to the e-cigarette.

These nicotine salt liquids have the advantage of providing a much softer hit thanks to the reduction in pH, which therefore makes it possible to use high levels and more easily meet your nicotine needs. This nicotine salt is the ideal tool for first-time vapers who need a high dose of nicotine from the start, for their weaning.

This also allows you to take longer puffs, unlike basic nicotine e-liquids, as seen above and therefore save money because it directly impacts and reduces your e-liquid consumption.

The negative points

Be careful though! It is recommended to be careful to use these liquids with nicotine salt with suitable equipment, and even not recommended to use these products with atomizers allowing them to reach high powers (sub-ohm). Since the perceived hit is weaker, there is a risk of absorbing too much nicotine without realizing it, for example among experienced vapers. It is, therefore, preferable to use clearomizers dedicated to indirect inhalation, ie greater than 1 ohm.

For some, the price of a bottle of nicotine salt liquid might be a drag, when compared to basic nicotine liquid. It is on average twice as expensive as a basic e-liquid, due to the simple presence of an additional organic acid. 

In addition, as we specified previously, an e-liquid with nicotine salt allows you to space out your vaping sessions, vape less e-liquid per day and therefore save money on your consumption.

Nicotine salt is mainly recommended for heavy vapers who need a high intake of nicotine. On basic nicotine e-liquids, these high doses (between 11 and 16mg/ml) are often irritating to the throat, whereas this is not the case with nicotine salt.

As you lower your nicotine level, below 10mg/ml, the level is low enough for basic nicotine to take over. It will be sufficient and will satisfy your need without feeling irritation in the throat.