just try e-cigs now

The electronic inhaler is a small, innovative electrical device designed to simulate the act of smoking tobacco cigarettes. An electronic cigarette can be smoked in public places because the smoke it produces does not contain the 4000 harmful substances detected in the smoke of real cigarettes.

Thanks to this vapour, the electronic cigarette user has the impression of smoking the real smoke of an ordinary cigarette. But sometimes the device does not produce enough vapour to satisfy a vaper’s need. “  maintaining your electronic cigarette  ”

Indeed, this kind of little annoyance can arise for many reasons.

The first probable cause of the low quantity of vapour provided by an electronic cigarette is simply the poor quality of the device. Like all industrial products, there are poor-quality e-cigarettes. Above all, there are already counterfeits! You have to be very careful when buying your very first gadget. Each type of e-cigarette has its particularity. The problem is often in the atomizer or cartomizer. And it must be admitted that as long as the failure of the device is caused by manufacturing errors, there will be no other solution than to find another one of better quality and a safe brand.

Secondly, your device may, after a certain period of use, produce less and less steam. The problem could be located at the level of the atomizer. This may be clogged. To remedy this, there are very simple solutions: cleaning. This consists of rinsing the atomizer with hot water, blowing it with dry air and finally letting it dry.

Your electronic cigarette also does not produce enough vapour if the battery voltage and the type of resistance of the atomizer are not suitable. For example, your device will not work normally if it is equipped with a Low Resistance type atomizer and you are using a very high voltage battery.

Finally, there is the choice of e-liquid. An e-liquid containing a very low rate of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) produces very little vapour because as we know, VG is the component of this substance which ensures the right amount of vapour emitted by the electronic cigarette. At less than 20% VG, the e-liquid is not reliable to produce the necessary volume of vapour.

In short, if you want to take full advantage of all the benefits of the electronic inhaler, be careful when making your first purchase. It is advisable to opt for products with serial numbers and a warranty.