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You will find the answers to your questions in this electronic cigarette tutorial: How to use a vape? Which vape setting to choose? Which vape for beginners to choose? Which resistors to choose? what liquid? or how to remove the electronic cigarette bypass mode? 

An eGo battery allows energy to be stored above all, it is mainly used to send an electric current. Fixed or variable current, operation remains substantially the same.

These same batteries currently all have safety devices to protect the user from a possible problem. For example, a security that we can find everywhere is the protection against overheating, cutting off the current during too long continuous use. For heavy smokers/vapers, there are vape batteries with long battery life. Good autonomy is a key element for a vape battery, when you are a beginner, it must last all day. eGo-type batteries are easy to use and do not have the bypass mode for electronic cigarettes. Indeed, only an advanced Mod can benefit from the bypass mode to switch from electronic to mechanical. You will find explanations below on what to say bypass in an electronic cigarette and also how to remove the bypass mode from an electronic cigarette.

The atomizer, also called a clearomizer, is the second part of a vaper. Being composed of an e-liquid tank, a resistance, and a chimney to lead the vapour to your mouth.

 Let’s quickly go over the operation of the resistance, the centrepiece of the operation of an atomizer.

An e-liquid is essential for a vaper, without it, no vapour!

Composed mainly of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol having the property of evaporating from 60°C. These components are those that will allow the liquid to evaporate in contact with the resistive wire. 

Flavours are always added to these two components. These will give the flavours. 

Finally comes the option of nicotine , more or less dosed in e-liquids. These dosages give the rates we know: 0mg/mL (no added nicotine); 3mg/mL; 6mg/mL; 10mg/mL; 12mg/mL and 16mg/mL. These nicotine levels are the most common but can change depending on the manufacturer.

Nicotine mainly defines the HIT, tingling in the throat associated with the contraction of the pharynx, so dear to smokers. The choice of a suitable nicotine level is essential for a successful first experience. 

Have you just read this electronic cigarette tutorial entirely? Congratulations! You know how to use a vape and which beginner or expert vape setting to use.