just try e-cigs now

The electronic cigarette tempts you, but you have your habits regarding traditional tobacco. You are therefore afraid of losing your bearings and having trouble vaping correctly from the start of the transition between cigarette and vaper. However, it is easy to know how to vape once you know a few things about it.

The hit

The first expectation when vaping is the hit or throat hit. It is about this feeling that one has in the throat while smoking, or vaporizing, and which has for origin the nicotine contained in the product. This hit is therefore essential and it is he who will ensure the continuity between the two ways of smoking. For this, you must use a liquid whose nicotine level corresponds to your smoking habits. If you consume tobacco in quantity, you will need a powerful hit, obtained with liquids having at least 15 mg/ml of nicotine. This hit, we can also work it with the power of his drums. The higher its voltage, the faster the steam will be heated, and cause the expected effect in the throat. The right choice of your vaper from the start, therefore, allows you to start e-smoking well. The sensation can also be obtained with the liquid, minty, peppery or spicy touches increasing the effect of the hit. Finally, the amount of PG, for Propylene Glycol, must be greater than that of GV, Vegetable Glycerin, for a powerful effect.

To smoke is also to produce smoke. And the electronic cigarette also recreates the characteristic cloud of vapour that one obtains while smoking, except that the smoke resulting from vaping does not have the many undesirable effects of passive smoking. You can work the amount of vapour obtained directly from the cigarette by using models with clearomizers closer to the mouth or whose airflow can be adjusted. These are models reserved for connoisseurs of electronic cigarettes. You can simply choose a quality e-liquid with more GV and vegetable glycerin. Softer in the mouth, with therefore a less strong hit, the smoke will be more marked. Without going so far as to perform tricks like some professionals, you can play with the smoke from your vaper. If you wonder how to make smoke rings with the electronic cigarette, know that it is the same technique as with a traditional cigarette.