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The battery, as its name suggests, is used to supply the electronic cigarette with energy. Depending on the model, it also allows you to juggle different powers and different types of vaping to adapt to everyone’s preferences. There are thus different types of batteries, whether in terms of shape or power supply.

Two types of battery for all uses

There are two types of batteries in terms of electronic cigarettes: integrated batteries, and external batteries or batteries.

Batteries and boxes with integrated batteries

Aimed at beginner vapers looking for easy-to-use equipment, electronic cigarette batteries with integrated batteries are charged directly via a USB cable. There are many, different sizes and power. A distinction is generally made between conventional batteries and boxes, the size and power of which are the most important.

Boxes powered by batteries

Batteries with accumulators are generally more powerful than integrated batteries. They are therefore particularly aimed at experienced vapers, who wish to vape at high power with great autonomy. The batteries can be recharged directly via the USB port of the electronic cigarette, or via an external charger. It is, therefore, possible to travel with several batteries to be sure of never running out of battery.

Elements present on all types of battery

The switch

Present on all types of batteries, the switch is the button you press when you pull on your electronic cigarette. It is also used to turn on and off its equipment, thanks to five successive presses. Depending on the model, the switch also provides access to certain battery settings. On some boxes, the switch takes the form of a trigger rather than a button: it then occupies a larger surface for greater comfort. This is particularly the case with the Ikuu i80 and i200 boxes from Eleaf.

The charging port

Most e-cigarettes charge through a micro USB port. This allows them to be charged via a computer or a conventional USB charger.

The base

The base of the battery is used to accommodate the clearomiser. It has a thread that generally corresponds to the 510 standards, the most widespread to date. However, some adapters allow you to mount any clearomizer on any battery or box.

Specific elements present in the most powerful batteries


With batteries or not, most boxes have a screen that allows you to display the different settings of your electronic cigarette. It allows you to juggle between the different modes of your electronic cigarette and adjust its power according to your preferences. Classic batteries, cylindrical in shape, have this screen replaced by an LED to display basic information such as start-up, power, or the battery charge level.

The hatch

Boxes carrying batteries have an opening, called a hatch, which allows the batteries to be inserted into the box. There are indications on the direction of insertion of the batteries. Depending on the model, the hatch can be closed magnetically or with a screw thread.

The batteries

Boxes without an integrated battery are powered by batteries. Similar to conventional AA batteries, the batteries are available in different powers to be used with all resistances.