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The dripper or RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) is a reconstructable atomizer. It differs from its counterparts in particular by its lack of a tank. There are now a large number of them, to match all types of vaping.

A tankless atomizer

The dripper has the same operation as any reconstructable atomizer. The principle remains that of a resistor brought into contact with e-liquid and which vaporizes it when heated. The only difference with an RTA atomizer (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) is that the dripper does not have a tank.

To supply the resistance with e-liquid, it is, therefore, necessary to add it constantly, drop by drop. This is also where the name dripper comes from, “drip” meaning a drop in English. This can be a major inconvenience for many vapers. But this lack of reservoirs also has its advantages.

Better restitution of flavours

By dispensing with a tank, the dripper allows you to place the resistors just under the drip tip of the atomizer. The vapour generated during the heating of the resistance is therefore directly inhaled by the vaper. Results? The flavours do not have time to deteriorate before arriving in the mouth.

They are therefore restored optimally. The sensation in the mouth is then immediate, with an intense taste. This is why drippers are the ideal atomizer for tasting liquids. However, it is enough to opt for a dripper with large aeration to combine flavour and a large quantity of vapour. Some drippers are even dedicated to power vaping, with the possibility of installing several resistors for maximum power.

The case of RDTAs

To allow vapers to afford the perfect combination, manufacturers have started to offer hybrid atomizers: the RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer). They can be described as drippers with a tank, which can be removable on certain models.

These atomizers make it possible to obtain a restitution of flavours similar to that of a dripper, with the comfort of vape equivalent to that of an atomizer with the tank. The RDTA are drippers equipped with a tank located under the mounting plate of the resistance. This allows you to keep a minimum distance between the resistance and the drip tip while having a reserve of e-liquid for the day.