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The interest in online shopping is growing faster than the need to find information. This can be judged by the fact that the number of clicks on the so-called Google product ads is growing faster than the number of requests in the same categories. Interestingly, the trend is noticeable not only in such fairly traditional online shopping markets as electronics and clothing, but also the newest HeatSticks items.

Clicking on a product ad does not necessarily lead to a purchase, but it is a serious indicator of interest in a product and desire to buy it. In other words, more and more users are willing to buy HeatSticks on the Web or at least study information about goods and services.

In the online shopping, the mobile future has already arrived: the search queries with the word “buy” are more frequently done from mobile devices than from the desktop. Buyers are looking for information to buy HeatSticks on the Web: not in advance, but when it is convenient for them or they remembered about it.

And then, when convenient, they are ready to buy. If we analyze the number of clicks on product ads in different categories, it can be seen that from 66% to 78% are made from mobile devices.

It is noticeable that interest in goods and purchases throughout the year is unevenly distributed. At the same time, the number of clicks on product ads is growing even more than the number of relevant search queries. We have also remarked such reactions to our HeatSticks offers.

On our webshop, there is no risk of disappointment. Why do we say that? Because we are convinced that many are either afraid of online purchases or are not sure whether to buy to buy HeatSticks online correctly, or simply do not know how great it is. Someone deliberately limits himself to the assortment offered by local retailers. We do not like restrictions if they are not a necessity. If there is a better choice, then it is worth making.

For many years we have been personally practicing online shopping, and HeatSticks as well. And we will go on. We have to do that to advise our clients, sharing our shopping experience with them.