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How to Fill a Cartomizer

In e-cigarettes, “cartomizer” is a general term for any attachment that consists of both e-liquid and the heating coil required to vaporize it. The cartomizer substituted the old style of e-cigarette cartridge which was located on a separate atomizer.

The most recognized type of cartomizer is the 510 cartomizer produced by Boge and Smoktech, although there are also some attractive new styles that include large tanks and are much easier to fill.

Although it is almost impossible to describe how to fill a cartomizer, we will discuss how to fill the standard 510 cartomizer in a greater detail because it’s the most difficult to understand properly. We’ll use some pointers that will be helpful for every filling of any type of clear cartomizer or “clearomizer.”

If you’ve ever surprised why so many e-cigarette companies offer syringes or needle tip bottle caps, now you know why. It is for the purpose of filling a cartomizer, filling a syringe with about 1 ml of e-liquid and place the needle between the filler material and inner wall of the cartomizer.

Adding e-liquid until the top of the filler material is very wet. Then remove the syringe and inject e-liquid into the opposite side of the cartomizer. Wait a couple of minutes. If the filler material looks very dry, inject some more e-liquid before using the cartomizer. Specialists consider, this is the best way to fill a cartomizer because it makes the e-liquid flow down to the bottom of the cartomizer — where the heating coil is — with no mess.