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Mystic Menthol is considered the best menthol Halo liquid

If you’re an ex- menthol smoker, you’re probably not searching for the dry, warm vapor that a tobacco e-liquid generates. You are a true guru in this menthol section. It is hard to surprise you with many things. You expect something totally different and untraditional.

You probably want something fresher, cooler, smoother. This something should be another generation of e-liquids, thoroughly elaborated and created.

Halo introduces a few menthol liquids and of these, Mystic Menthol can be considered the favorite.
Mystic offers a refreshing menthol mixture with a delightfully light sweetness and mixed mint undertones. You can there is nothing too much, everything is well balanced in order to produce an unbelievable taste and pure sensation.

The best menthol e-liquid is actually the one with a crystal flavor rather that’s as far as possible from tobacco smoke. At the same time, you may not want something too sweet to muss the flavor — something usual in minty e-liquids. Mystic Menthol offers the right notes with lots of menthol and a neutral mint flavor.

With no basic tobacco taste and a strong menthol effect, Mystic is a great alternative for those craving for a crisp-clean menthol flavor.