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Another subject where many opinions will differ! Between the purists of the tight draw and those of the direct draw, each will defend “his vape”.

In this case, there is not one that is better than the other! Each of these types of hits is different and will target a different type of vaper, period.

We are therefore going to explain to you, through this article, the specificities of each of these 2 methods for vaping on your electronic cigarette.

Indirect MTL inhalation

Let’s start talking about indirect inhaling, called MTL in the vape jargon (for Mouth To Lungs).

Indeed, we are getting closer to the sensation known via cigarettes, with this “resistance” to aspiration when you pull on them.

This indirect inhalation, therefore, takes place in 2 stages  :

* Take a fairly long puff (3-4 seconds, to have more vapour than air in your mouth, otherwise you will inevitably cough) and keep it in your mouth

* Then, swallow this vapour which will go to the lungs before finally being spat out by the user

Ideal therefore for any first-time user, the MTL will allow you to vape e liquids with high levels of nicotine, fundamentally necessary for any good smoking cessation carried out in the good and due form.

The flavours will only be increased tenfold because they will coat your palate and your tongue longer before being swallowed to meet your lungs.

The hit, tingling sensation in the throat that the vast majority of smokers want to find with the electronic cigarette, will also be greater (the higher the nicotine level, the more the hit will be present).

Any e-liquid used in MTL will be with a higher PG ratio: 70/30, 50/50… No less than 50% propylene glycol, to improve the taste, the hit, but also to have a thinner e-liquid.

The amount of vapour will also be less, allowing a more discreet vape, which some will also seek.

The material used will be oriented towards this type of tight draw. The drip tips (the mouthpiece that you put in your mouth to vape) will be thinner, much narrower and generally higher. In the end, it will approach the filter of the cigarette in terms of diameter approximately. These drip tips are called 510.

The resistances for this type of material are quite high, most often beyond 1 ohm, to be able to vape at low power (between 10 and 20 Watts generally). You will therefore consume less battery or accumulator(s) on your very small pod or your favourite small box.

Juice consumption will be much less as well since you will make fewer clouds. More economical in the end!

You can find a small MTL kit at a reasonable price, around 30€, which can be more compact than those used in direct inhalation. Or a very discreet little pod (pen or Stabilo format), it’s a matter of taste!

Direct DTL inhalation

And here is the second type of inhalation possible in the vape: indirect inhalation called DTL.

Here, we encounter a completely different type of vapour, which will be much more substantial and with a different rendering from MTL.

About 3 out of 4 vapers use DTL or DTLR (a sub-category of DTL, nicknamed DTLR, the R meaning Restrictive, for something a little less aerial and a fortiori a little tighter).

Most of the time, these are long-time vapers, who need less nicotine ingested daily and who want to have fun with big clouds (some will even go cloud chasing, seeking to do the biggest possible clouds while having fun, or tricks, these shapes (round, jellyfish…) made with steam that impress more than one).

More focused on high-tech, this direct inhalation opens up to an even wider universe than MTL, with equipment of all kinds, from the low price to the very expensive, but also the most sophisticated!

There is only one step with this inhalation: you inhale strongly (at full lungs) on your e-cigarette and the vapour goes directly to the lungs, without marking the mouth step as in MTL.

This is comparable to what shisha smokers experience, who has a much higher smoke intake than cigarette or cigar smoker.

Here, we use juices with a higher rate of VG, vegetable glycerin encouraging to develop a bigger vapour, and being softer in the throat because slightly sweetened naturally. The 30/70 or 20/80 ratios are becoming common, even for some full VG (100% vegetable glycerin).

Nicotine levels are much lower, and this is for 2 reasons:

* The first: is that in direct inhalation, we absorb a larger quantity of nicotine in a single puff. And yes, who says bigger vapour, says bigger vaporization of liquid, and therefore greater consumption.

* The second: is that at a rate higher than 6 mg, it becomes very complicated, if not impossible, to support the hit in the throat. As we often say with a smile when we try: “it rocks!!! “because we feel it pass! Levels between 0 mg and 6 mg are most common in DTL or DTLR.

Here, the equipment will be more imposing, whether by its size, the power required, or the consumption of battery(ies) or integrated battery.

The 810 drip tip is the standard on this type of atomizer: very wide, less high, with a much larger opening, to allow the vapour to arrive more significantly.

The resistances, on the other hand, will be much lower, to be able to go up to higher powers. This will go from 0.20 ohm to 0.8 ohms approximately, depending on what the vaper is looking for between restrictive air or very air (also called sub-ohm ). The powers will go from 30 Watts to more than 100 Watts for the biggest amateurs of hot vaping and enormous clouds.

Inevitably, it will take the appropriate equipment, especially at the level of the mod (or box). This is where we will find the largest devices, with 2 or even 3 batteries, larger capacity integrated batteries… Exit the small, discreet battery which will only deliver 1000 mAh, or you will spend as much time recharging it as to vape with!

What if I like MTL and DTL?

Well, just use both!

Some will like a discreet and calm vape in the office, or indoors, but will also be able to appreciate the big clouds at times… There is no problem with that, the main thing is to stop touching tobacco!

Others will want a small pod with 20mg/ml nicotine salts so they can get a quick nicotine “hit” during a short break at work. This is an excellent initiative, by the way, recommended for those who cannot easily vape in their professional environment.

Our opinion on the MTL or DTL 

You, therefore, have all the information on each type of inhalation to find the one that seems most appropriate to your desires!

Even if the MTL is more dedicated to beginners and the DTL to confirmed, a few rare exceptions do the opposite.

The priority being to no longer be a smoker, the rest is up to you, and as they say: ”  everyone has his vape “!