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The word diacetyl is no longer an unknown term for people who love gourmet electronic liquids. Also called butanedione, diacetyl is a particle naturally present in lactescent products such as milk or butter. It comes from the effervescence made from lactic microbes used in the food industry. This element has a taste and smell similar to cheese or butter, so it is quite normal for it to be used in a large number of food products such as crisps, desserts, cakes, etc.

Brutanedione, a controversial element

If this element has no harmful effect on the body when it is swallowed, you should know that it is not always the same thing in the case where it is aspirated. Be aware that a high dosage, can cause bronchiolitis obliterans, that is to say, irritability in the small pulmonary bronchi. This will cause a decrease in the diameter of the bronchiole.

For the very first time, this pathology was noticed in workers at a popcorn factory in Missouri, USA. It has been observed that by being permanently in contact with air stuffed with diacetyl, the workers show various symptoms, such as wheezing when breathing, or a cough which can be dry or oily. 

Why Diacetyl is Used in Vaping

Already, it is obvious that it is for the fact that it provides a good taste in gourmet electronic liquids. This substance provides the creamy side to the liquid, which is not easy to reinvent much more than with this particle. It can sublimate some flavours because indeed, it gives this buttery or caramelized taste to the e-liquid, which gives it the name of flavour enhancer, a real positive point of diacetyl.

Does diacetyl pose any health risks for vapers?

It must be said that, overall, the harmfulness of vaping compared to traditional cigarettes is 97%, according to the British public health agency, Public Health England. Professor Dautzenberg Bertrand testifies that vaping is 200 to 300 times less harmful than conventional cigarettes. If research from Harvard School of Public Health claimed that 76% of the 51 e-liquids tested had diacetyl imprints, Konstantinos Farsalinos, a cardiologist, revealed following an examination he carried out, that 74% of the 159 liquids electronics analyzed and sent by 36 designers contained diacetyl.

However, he limits this assessment by saying that the rates observed were down about the insurance limits indicated by NIOSH. As a result, the potential danger of exposure is then not similar to that of workers who contracted obstructive bronchiolitis in Missouri.

Therefore, this substance is indeed not a detail, but since the existence of vaping in 2005, no clinical case related to the absorption of an electronic liquid of diacetyl has been found. This is true.

Caring for your electronic cigarette

Your electronic cigarette requires maintenance to prevent it from deteriorating quickly. Indeed, good conservation and good use of your vape tool will give you the possibility of extending its life expectancy. Taking into account its use, a vaper of one pack per day will alter its resistances every 3 weeks on average.

How to use

To avoid pressure losses, it is advisable to liquidate your battery while using it, then recharge it to the maximum with the appropriate charger. It is also advisable not to store the battery of your e-cigarette in a high-temperature or humid place. This would distort its effectiveness, but also, you must avoid any fall or impact.

Thereafter, before each loading, you should use absorbent paper to eliminate the surplus of electronic liquid in the drip. It is also useful to make sure that the coils or atomizer heads are tight. But be careful not to overtighten your battery, this could damage the seal. Finally, unlike the normal cigarette, it is not necessary to “pull” excessively on the e-cigarette.

Substitution of certain ingredients

Indeed, the electronic cigarette is a device that requires a substitution of ingredients.

First, the e-liquid: make sure some e-liquid remains in your atomizer, at least 0.6ml. In the opposite case, be aware that the continued use of the electronic cigarette can cause damage to the resistors and the atomizer.

Then, the resistance: it is important to know that if during your vaping, you smell like a smell of burning in the vapor, immediately stop your vape and take a break, to resume a little later making sure that the smell bizarre is no longer present. If unfortunately, the amount of steam is low and the burnt taste remains, be sure to change your resistance.

Finally, the clearomiser: with regard to your use and your option of electronic liquids, it is likely to observe the degradation of the clearomiser. Therefore, it is recommended to renew it regularly.