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The pricing is one of the decisive factors to order IQOS Heets sticks. The domestic online shops place the most advantageous IQOS Canada price offers and sets.

The online store shopping procedure is simple and clear:

· Add your IQOS to cart;

· Edit the list of IQOS Heets in the cart;

· Get a stock bonus for certain actions;

· The opportunity that the online store script provides in terms of applying for a gift certificate and bonus points;

· Check out with registration as a user;

· Fill in the fields necessary for placing an order (as you remember, the platform for the online store allows you to edit the composition of the fields);

· Receive email notifications of successful registration and the most advantageous IQOS Canada price offers and sets;

· Choose a method of payment and delivery, receiving a discount for choosing the most convenient delivery method for you;

· Add a comment to your order, estimate the IQOS Canada price offers and sets;

· Go to the page for successful checkout;

· Receive an email notification of a successful order.


Working with the customer’s personal account to place an order in a Canadian online store.

So, the process of buying goods in an online store is simple and, except, it is pretty advantageous in comparison with the offline shopping. To relieve shopping, web shops place orders on online platforms. For both B2B and B2C buyers.

An electronic trading platform allows you to combine suppliers and consumers of various goods and services in one information and trading space and provides the participants with a number of services that increase the efficiency of their business. An electronic trading platform today can be called any Internet resource through which purchase and sale transactions are concluded between enterprises – buyers and sellers. Customers get the opportunity to conduct electronic tenders – auctions, tenders, quotes and offers, – by optimizing costs, and suppliers – to participate in the procurement, post information on the products and services offered. Sometimes specialized companies are engaged in the placement of trading procedures, which, in addition to placing information on the trading floor, process the result and even possibly determine the winner of the procedure.