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HEETS, moreover known as HeatSticks in a few markets, could be an uncommonly outlined warmed tobacco unit that contains tobacco and is expecting for select utilize with the IQOS holder. They contain tobacco fabric and a few channel areas. HEETS are made up of components that incorporate a tobacco plug, empty acetic acid derivation tube, polymer-film channel, cellulose-acetate mouthpiece channel, and external and mouth-end papers.

IQOS heets are designed to replicate cigarette smoking times and puffs.

IQOS heets are specifically designed for IQOS devices. They are optimal for the IQOS holder in length, diameter and design.

The taste of IQOS heets is different from the taste of regular cigarettes, because when IQOS is used, the tobacco heats up rather than burns. When you heat tobacco, you feel its real taste. HEETS tobacco sticks are made from a specially selected tobacco blend to provide the taste and enjoyment of tobacco that would best meet the expectations of adult smokers.

The tobacco used in HEETS tobacco sticks contains nicotine. It is released in steam while using the IQOS device.

Also known as HEETs, HeatSticks or IQOS heets are a exclusive tobacco unit that’s planned to be embedded into the IQOS holder. The contrast between HeatSticks and e-juice for e-cigarettes is that HeatSticks contain genuine tobacco.

The method provokes producers to source and find high-quality tobacco that’s at that point finely ground that’s put into HEETs. Once prepared, you’re able to rapidly embed a HEET into the IQOS holder and start vaping with the press of a button. The flavor isn’t lessened but actually enhanced since there’s now not the fragrance of burned tobacco and fiery remains. Each HeatStick is able of creating generally 14 puffs.

So, the revolutionary technology allows the IQOS user to feel the real taste of tobacco, without ash, smoke and with a less pronounced smell, compared to regular cigarettes. The heated tobacco products are made by blending high-quality tobaccos from selected types and origins. These tobaccos are then ground to provide the perfect mixture and reconstituted back into a tobacco sheet to manufacture IQOS heets.