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The Juul competitors Pod Devices of Logic Compact Kit Pink appeared as a counterweight to the sensational product of the American brand JUUL Labs. Unlike the competitor, the oblong stick has no edges, its surface is smoothly rounded, at the base striving for the shape of an ellipse. The length of only 8.8 centimeters allows you to not advertise vaping in crowded places, and a small mass to carry out the process without the participation of hands.

The start of heating is carried out automatically, thanks to the built-in internal pressure sensor, which explains the lack of controls. The undeniable advantage of these Juul competitors Pod Devices is the increased, in comparison with JUUL, cartridge capacity, 1.7 ml versus 0.7 ml. This more than doubles the interval between replacements. The tank is fixed in the seat using magnetic locks, guaranteeing not only reliable fastening, but also ease of removal. The mouthpiece cap is flattened into an anatomical shape.

The Juul competitors Pod Devices of Lost Vape Lyra Pod Kit Silver Fantasy is a new generation of portable vapor generators of the popular Chinese brand. The traditional oblate form is dictated by the desire to maintain the usual dimensions. Nevertheless, in them the distance to place a battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh, which is not ordinary. Given the consumption of liquids with a high concentration of nicotine or its salts, such a supply should be enough for several days of vaping.

The steel-colored case is decorated with paired overlays with a pattern in a calm range against the background of honeycomb ornament. The chromed Fire button, in the middle of one of the sides, is framed as the pupil of the “all-seeing eye.” Its functions include not only turning on and off, but also setting one of the three embedded power levels, distributed in the range from 10 to 20 watts. The LED indication, along its perimeter, informs when pressed about the current battery charge status. The microUSB port, designed to replenish it, is located on the bottom. The folding bracket on the side is made for attaching the complete lace for wearing on the neck.