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pod vape SmokA very compact and reasonably priced SLM pod vape Smok System Kit is trendy. The device works with a built-in 250 mAh battery, which is charged via USB. The case is equipped with an LED battery indicator. To activate the device, it is enough to make traction, no buttons are provided. The cartridge has a volume of 0.8 ml.
The SLM pod vape Smok System Kit is a set of one SMOK SLM device, two cartridges, USB cable, Instruction manual, branded packaging.

One of the features of this SLM pod vape Smok System Kit is its small size, thanks to which it is very easy to carry the device with you, as it fits perfectly in the pocket of a jacket, shirt or in a small women’s clutch. The device works with replaceable high-resistance cartridges and with automatic voltage adjustment depending on the battery charge level. A device for soaking liquid based on saline nicotine is intended, and it is designed so that the vaper can get a taste with a small amount of vapor. You can buy SMOK SLM Pod System in four colors – red, black, blue and steel.
The SLM Battery is equipped with a medium-capacity 250 mAh battery, which should be enough for a day if strong liquids based on saline nicotine are used. The battery is charged with a current of 0.3A using a standard micro-USB connector located on the bottom of the device. The battery level is signaled by a LED located in the center of the device.

Considering the fact that SMOK specialists drew attention to two points when developing the SLM Pod System – compact size and ease of use, it is only natural that the device works on replaceable cartridges.
The volume of the cartridge is quite small – 0.8 ml, but when using specific liquids with a high strength, this is quite enough for many vapers. It is very simple to refuel, but it is important to take into account the fact that the filling hole is small, so it is worth using bottles with a thin metal nose – the process will be much simpler and faster with them.