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How to maintain your electronic cigarette is a question that all newcomers to the vape ask themselves. No more worries, BlogVape guides you step by step on eco-responsible vaping. Cleaning your electronic cigarette is not very complicated. The maintenance of your electronic cigarette will have no more secrets for you after reading this guide. 

Cleaning your electronic cigarette: A few tips

Cleaning your electronic cigarette is done in several steps. First, make sure your vape can be disassembled: some disposable and non-reusable devices cannot be disassembled, so it is impossible to clean them! Maintaining your electronic cigarette involves a few simple actions that are generally the same regardless of the material you use. Unscrew the drip tip or any other part that will allow you to access the e-liquid tank.

  • Empty the e-liquid.
  • If your vape can be completely disassembled, disassemble all the elements. If not, just unscrew the atomizer head.
  • Clean the various elements with clean, warm water. Make sure everything is properly rinsed and the equipment is clean. Above all, do not use soap, alcohol or any other product. Water will be your best ally in cleaning your electronic cigarette!
  • Shake the different elements to remove most of the water, leave to dry on paper and then wipe the elements with a clean cloth.
  • Refill in e-liquid, screw the atomizer head back on and put all the other elements back in place

Maintaining your electronic cigarette: How to go further?

Cleaning your electronic cigarette is also valid between two different flavours of liquids. This will allow you to get rid of traces of the previous aroma to enjoy your new flavour from the first puffs! If you can, try to clean your electronic cigarette once a week to increase the life of the various components. Ideally, after a major cleaning of your e-cig, let it rest overnight before reassembling it, this will allow you to have no trace of humidity left.

And if you change your resistance, it is better to do it after cleaning your electronic cigarette! 

The maintenance of his electronic cigarette goes through the maintenance of his mod

Maintenance does not only mean cleaning your electronic cigarette. Who says maintain his electronic cigarette, says maintain his mod and therefore his battery. There are two types of electronic mods: built-in battery mods and replaceable battery mods. But what is the difference between the two? 

Built-in battery mods

The built-in batteries have a fixed life. Although they last about a year, it all depends on the quality of the box, use and maintenance. Once the mod no longer holds a charge, it is best to throw it away. We strongly advise against changing the built-in battery of your mod yourself.

Replaceable battery mods (batteries)

A replaceable battery is an accu (accumulator). Different from the batteries directly integrated into the electronic cigarette, the batteries are interchangeable and have many advantages, especially when maintaining your electronic cigarette. For mods operating on 2 or even 3 batteries, it is strongly recommended to use the same batteries together. If a battery no longer holds a charge and you want to change it, you will also have to replace the other 2. Electronic cigarette batteries are designed by manufacturers to withstand approximately 300 charge/discharge cycles. If you charge your e-cigarette every day, we, therefore, arrive at nearly 10 months of use.

When we talk about battery replacement, we are therefore talking about interchangeable batteries and not integrated batteries.

Changing the battery – instructions for use

The Mod’s battery is not eternal… The lifespan of your mod will depend on your use and your habits, but it is still very rare to have batteries that last less than 6 months. You know that your mod’s battery is at the end of its life when your battery life is going to get shorter and shorter. It no longer holds the charge as before and does not meet your needs… If you have purchased a mod with a changeable battery, you can compare the autonomy of your battery with another. When one of them lasts less than the other, it means that it will have to be changed! If both batteries are not charging properly, you may have a charger problem.

Once you have decided to change the battery, pay attention to the thread and the compatibility of the new hardware, get one that is compatible with the hardware you already have and follow the installation instructions.

Some tips to increase the life of your battery:

  • Do not leave it in direct sunlight, heat or humidity.
  • Also, avoid putting your battery in your pocket with metallic objects.
  • Clean it regularly, as well as the connector between the battery and the clearomiser. Remove all traces of moisture and dirt that could create false contacts and burn out your battery.
  • Do not wait until your battery is completely flat to recharge it. When your battery is on a low charge, the effort that will be required of it to maintain normal power will be much greater than if it were an insufficient charge. Over time, this will prematurely wear out the battery, which will gradually lose its autonomy.
  • Avoid overcharging: Letting your battery charge beyond its charging time can lead to overuse and shorten its lifespan.
  • If you do not use your e-cigarette for a while, unscrew the clearomizer from your battery to save charge.