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You have gone to the vape and you are right! You enjoy your e-cigarette and combine pleasure and health. However, to keep all its qualities, your vaping equipment must be maintained. Vaping problems can lead to e-liquid leaks, making your vape unpleasant. Are you having problems with leaks on your vape? Let’s find out together how to detect and then solve these problems.

Leaking vape: to each problem its solution

Your e-cigarette is leaking? Do not panic! We will list here the possible causes of this problem and the tips to fix it:

  • An e-liquid not adapted to your material can be the cause of your leak. If your e-liquid contains more than 50% propylene glycol, it will probably be very liquid. Its very liquid consistency can then saturate the cotton if your clearomiser has too much liquid inlet. This excessive ”flooding” of the cotton can cause a leak. 

Our advice: Check the instructions for use of your product and the PG/VG rate of your e-liquid. Note that a liquid containing too much VG, in an electronic cigarette with too small liquid inlets, can bring a burnt taste.

  • A used resistance can let your e-liquid pass through the air inlets. Indeed, with the wear of it, the cotton may be no longer new enough to retain your favourite e-liquid. 

Our advice: Remember to change your resistance regularly (about every 15 days) and your coil (depending on your use) to avoid this kind of situation. In addition, be aware that some e-liquids (gourmet) can clog your resistance more than others (fruity or minty).

  • If you have completely cleaned your tank, improper reassembly of the seals can cause leaks. 

Our advice: Before any cleaning, carefully inspect your atomizer to have all the data for replacing the parts for its reassembly. Also, the pack you purchased probably contains a spare seal kit. Do not hesitate to use it as soon as you feel the problems arise.

  • The rarer reason, not very current, but just as impactful: your means of transport. Indeed, if you fly or often go to altitude, the air pressure is not the same, it acts directly on your tank and can cause this leaking problem.

Our advice: It is best to empty your e-cigarette before travelling and to use it only when you arrive. 

And vapers that do not leak, do they exist?

If leaks regularly spoil your pleasure, your equipment is probably too worn. It is therefore time to change the parts or simply to get a new vape. Today, many manufacturers have released anti-leak equipment. Whether with an airflow adjustment located on the top of the tank or more simply with the arrival of Pods, a small electronic cigarette that, by its size and its filling system, avoids leaks as much as possible