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Remember to clean your equipment regularly. In particular the screw threads and connectors with a dry absorbent paper.

Maintenance :

Rinse and dry your clearomiser from time to time without resistance.

Do not leave your e-cigarette too long in the sun. This can cause e-liquid to leak from the clearomiser and overheat your battery.

During transport, avoid contact between your e-cigarette, your batteries and any metal object (keys, coins, etc.).

An e-cigarette is more fragile than you think, avoid shocks as much as possible.

The coating of your battery must not present addicts. If this is the case, replace it or change the battery to avoid any risk of short circuits and degassing.

When you transport your battery do not forget its silicone protection.

When you charge your batteries with a mains charger do not leave them unattended.

Once your batteries are charged, take them out of the charger. Avoid overload.

Problems encountered : 

The battery turns on, but no steam is produced:

Check that your resistance is well screwed. If the contact between the base of your resistance and the clearomiser is not established, the power delivered by the battery cannot reach the heart of your resistance and no vapour will be produced.

If your resistance is less than 0.5-ohm check that your battery can handle it.

Clean the threads of your clearomiser and your battery.

The battery does not work:

Unlock it by pressing the switch 5 times in a row.

Check the direction of the battery if you can access it. If the problem persists, test with another 

charged battery.

If the battery is integrated try to recharge your battery on mains or USB.

If you have difficulty recharging your e-cigarette, try another micro USB cable or another mains adapter.

Burnt taste when you vape:

When filling your clearomiser, wait a few minutes before the first puff. This action will allow time for the resistance to imbibe well.

Check the level of e-liquid in your clearomiser. An empty clearomizer is the vaper’s worst enemy. Without e-liquid, the cotton inside the resistance is not powered, the resistive wire is then directly in contact with the dry cotton and will start to burn it

If your resistance has a few weeks of vaping on the counter, consider changing it. The resistor is the consumable of the clearomiser. It is she who is most often mobilized when using your e-cigarette. It wears naturally depending on the intensity of your use. It must be replaced regularly.

The symptoms of a worn coil are: a decrease in the volume of vapour generated and an unpleasant or different taste from that usually felt. If you notice a persistent burnt taste, immediately change the resistance.

If your battery is adjustable, lower the power delivered (Watts). If you deliver too much power (W) on a high resistance (ohm), the resistive wire will heat up too much, it will vaporize all the e-liquid contained in the wick without it having time to re-soak. The dry cotton will be directly in contact with the hot resistive wire and will then start to burn.

Remember to open the airflow (if your clearomiser has an adjustable airflow). It allows the circulation of the air which causes the vapour during the inhalation but also cools the resistance. Without suction, it can start to overheat and a burning taste will emerge on the next puffs.

E-liquid leak:

Disassemble and completely dry your clearomiser.

If your resistance is worn do not hesitate to change it. It may be clogged and does not retain enough e-liquid which accumulates in the wick and drips little by little in the airflow.

Check the tightness of the seals of the clearomiser. They can wear out or become porous over time.

When reassembling your clearomiser, check that your resistance is well screwed.

Be sure to respect the maximum filling level of your clearomiser.

If the problem persists, unscrew your coil and clean the excess e-liquid from underneath.