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Ideal for obtaining significant tank autonomy and a unique flavour rendering, the bottom feeder is a vaping accessory that requires a specific complete kit. Let’s find out what a bottom feeder is, a system intended more for experienced vapers who are not afraid to mount their resistance themselves.

The principle of operation of the bottom feeder

The bottom feeder, also called  BF or squonk, is a bottom feed system. Its operation is simple: the  BF box contains a flexible bottle placed under the atomizer, which you just have to press (or “squonker”) to send the e-liquid into the clearomizer and vape quietly. The feeding of the cotton is therefore done from below. It is then necessary for the equipment to have a 510 breakthrough connection, to let the liquid for the electronic cigarette pass.

The strengths of the bottom feeder

The bottom feeder dripper is ultimately a  rebuildable tankless atomizer. Its major advantage is the rendering of incomparable concentrated aromas. Indeed, the resistance located near the mouth and the airflow dispenses the steam to pass first through a pipe. It then arrives directly in the drip-tip, offering unique restitution of flavours.

BF drippers are also available for any type of vape, whether for a powerful vape and an aerial draw or a measured vape with an MTL dripper.

The squeeze bottle usually has a nice capacity, up to 10ml, and the bottom filling is pretty straightforward. 

Finally, the format of the box bottom feeder is generally rectangular, to be able to integrate the battery and the bottle. This sleek design is very appealing to vapers looking for a  compact set-up. 

The bottom feeder then allows you to help quit smoking, by vaping all e-liquids, regardless of the level of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or the flavour of the liquid (blond tobacco, mint, fruity, gourmet… ), or nicotine level.

The weak points of the bottom feeder

If we have to recognize a disadvantage to the bottom feeder, it may be the fact that it is mandatory to have both a bottom feeder box and a  specific bottom feeder dripper. Moreover, when we know the configuration of the box mod, we understand that it will only be available in format with a single battery. Indeed, a double battery would be too large for a comfortable grip. 

There is also refilling to consider, as the squeeze bottle must be removed, refilled, and then reinstalled before it can be used. Even if this vaping material is easy to use, it is not necessarily practical daily.

Finally, if the fact of being able to manage the quantity of liquid that one brings to the organic cotton is practical, the vaper in smoking cessation, beginner or experienced, is also exposed to the risk of over squonking. In other words, if the vaper smoker presses too hard on the soft bottle, the e-liquid for electronic cigarettes will be too much in the dripper and will create leaks through the airflows. 

How to choose your bottom feeder?

If at the beginning the bottom feeder box were sold at very high prices, today it is perfectly possible to find a  cheap bottom feeder box. This is also the case for rebuildable atomizers compatible with squonks. 

Thus, beginners can turn to a simple and inexpensive model, with a compact electronic box and a mono coil dripper for less than 100 €. To facilitate the adjustment of the power according to the assembly carried out, it is then recommended to choose a  BF box with a screen and chipset.

Would you like to switch to rebuildable atomizers? The bottom feeder is a perfect transition solution to get your hands dirty and enjoy a vape with intense flavours.