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Positive and Negative aspects of E-cigarette smoking

There are no unique opinion about the benefits or dangers of electronic cigarettes, despite the reviews of many doctors and scientists. So Portuguese doctor Antonio Araj, speaks openly about the benefits of electronic cigarettes, as an effective way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, this also indicates increased sales of E-cigarettes in Portugal. At the same time, American researchers claim that they have identified in the course of researches, significant doses of harmful substances in E-cigfarettes vapors, which exceed the safe level.

Positive aspects of E-cigarette smoking.
– E-cigarettes – good and moderately effective way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, by lowering the amount of nicotine in cartridges, till complete nicotine absence.
– E-cigarettes doesn’t contain combustion products and tar, and therefore, unlike tobacco cigarettes, this is obvious fact, haven’t contaminate the smoker’s lungs.
– E-cigarettes doesn’t leave unpleasant smell, because of absence of tobacco smoke, you can smoke in places prohibited for smoking.
– E-cigarettes cartridge kit price, is not more expensive than the average price for a tobacco cigarettes package, which means in money equivalent the switching to electronics cigarettes is not more expensive, than simple cigarette smoking, except the initial cost of device purchasing.
– E-cigarettes convenience in use, you can throw your e-cigarette in your pocket without finishing smoking and do not worry, because it will not burn your pocket or bag, there is no danger of falling ash on clothing, no more ashtrays, lighters and cigarette butt at the end of smoking.

Negative aspects of E-cigarette smoking
– After quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes, the smoker gains other psychological habit, in this case to e-cigarettes, this leads to unnecessary waste of funds to E-cigarettes.
– Subconsciously awareness of the alleged “complete safety” of this smoking type, leads to increased amount and duration of smoking, this leads to more consumption of nicotine in electronic cigarettes, which in turn is interpreted as a bad habit.
– About a lack of harmful and carcinogenic substances in e-liquids claim only e-cigarette producers, the World Health Organization does not currently have about e-liquids any accurate research, so we can’t confirm or deny the complete safety of this product.
– Vapor cloud as smoke simulation, does not fit under the law of smoking ban in public places, but that does not mean that such “artificial smoke” does not irritate third parties.

– Electronic Cigarette are not subject to mandatory certification, and therefore doesn’t exclude the presence of low-grade counterfeits which can be dangerous to smoker health.