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V2 Cigs retrospective

So, you’re reading this V2 Cigs review because you want to know if the V2 e-cigarette is good and can your preferred cigarette forever. We’ve tested various e-cigarettes, and the answer is “it is so indeed.”

It generates the most vapor that could be ever gotten from a small e-cigarette, and vapor generation is most important factor that will make you think whether your switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes is up to date and successful.

V2 has a large assortment of refill flavors that will keep you busy for a while, and if you ever get tired, they even allow you to create your own custom cartridges from a comprehensive list of base flavors. It’s also worth mentioning that V2 seals its cartridges in foil — not every company can do. This will prevent you from getting a stale or dry cartridge.

V2 allows you to combine and match batteries when you order a starter kit. If this is your first e-cigarette, we advise buying a kit that allows you to try both automatic and manual batteries. A lot of people like automatic batteries, because they allow you to hold and feel your e-cigarette just like a classic cigarette. You have to hold a manual battery in a different way so you can push the button while the puffing process. However, manual batteries always generate more vapor.

If there are any alternatives to replace this e-cig, you should remember the fact that you can find e-cigarette kits for less that are basically comparable in terms of what accessories you receive for the price. Nevertheless, many of the companies selling these kits expect you to pay some extra sum for packs of refill cartridges. None of them offer a lifetime warranty that covers all the included elements, and a few of the kits are just fakes. V2 Cigs offers good quality products and competes with the other companies in such a way that is hard to win this commercial battle.