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Skycig E-Cigarette – the positive aspects

SKYCIG tends to be fighting hard to be seen commercially as the biggest e cig brand in the UK. This brand is becoming widely available in stores across the UK, has released TV adverts and has invested big sums of money in motorsports.

The SKYCIG E Cigarette comes in a solid attractive box. The 2 batteries contained are not quite the same size as a cigarette but not far off. They are a similar width but a touch longer.

The first thing we noticed is that the battery is quite lightweight which is of advantage. Now don’t be expecting too much this to be a similar weight to a cigarette, it’s not in fact, although it is possible to just hold this in your mouth while vaping and typing, just anything you like to do!

Without the PCC then SKYCIG would be difficult to use, the constant swapping of batteries to charge during the day would be too tiresome.
As soon as the PCC itself is charged it should have enough power in it to charge around 4-5 full batteries. The flavors are quite tasty for most new e cig users. These flavors will add some interesting notes to your daily e-smoking routine.

So, as we mentioned before light, occasional smokers satisfy their personal nicotine craving when they get them. These e-cigs are not heavy and that is why will not be too strong for those, who don’t like strength and intensity in e-cigs.

Ships quickly
Includes a portable charging case
Skycig E-Cigarette: The Cons
Can’t charge batteries directly from a USB port or wall outlet
Starter kit and cartridge prices are too high
Uninspiring flavors
Poor vapor production