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The “hit” means the tingling in the throat that can be felt when consuming a tobacco cigarette or vaping with an e-liquid containing nicotine.

If many vapers talk about it, it is simply because it is part of the daily lives of smokers and many seek to keep it when switching to electronic cigarettes.

Very important especially for beginner vapers looking for that sensation that “scratches” the throat like a classic cigarette.

The hit that a vaper feels depends on 3 factors:

The proportion of PG (propylene glycol)

The higher the PG level in an e-liquid, the more ” powerful ” the hit felt may be. It promotes the sensation of contraction in the throat. In addition, PG is more fluid and vaporizes more easily than vegetable glycerin (VG). Find in this selection, of liquids for a good start in the world of vaping.

The nicotine level

The higher the nicotine level, the more powerful the hit will be felt by the vaper.

Nicotine creates an addiction that some of us would like to do without as soon as possible. The goal is to quit smoking for good. For this, our nicotine needs must be met. Nicotine is therefore not a problem, it is the solution to not going back to a tobacconist to buy a pack of cigarettes. 

The principle of electronic cigarettes is to gradually free yourself from this addiction to nicotine by reducing the dosage, but be careful not to skip the steps. You have to listen to your feelings. Do you feel a lack? Increase your nicotine level. Are you starting to cough or have a headache? Gradually reduce it. You don’t feel any particular discomfort? So don’t change anything!

The power (watts)

The higher the wattage used with the electronic cigarette, the higher the hit.

The practice of sub-ohm has been developing in recent years and most of the big brands now offer clearomizers whose resistances go down to fairly low levels. The vape becomes more intense and this makes it more difficult to use e-liquids whose nicotine level is too high.