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If you are a vaper, you could not miss the Pod electronic cigarettes, mini electronic cigarettes especially suitable for beginner vapers but which also find favour with the eyes of more experienced vapers due to their surprising simplicity of daily use. and their high-flying performances.

The e-cigarette pods are very easy to use and consist of two parts: a pod containing the e-liquid and a battery on which the pod clips or fits. There are many types of pods, in the more or less mini format, but all have the same purpose: to be a real alternative to tobacco! The operation is both simple and very practical: you fill the pod with your e-liquid, you put it back on the battery and then you vape. When the pod is worn out (15 to 20 fillings depending on the model), simply replace it. No change in resistance… here it is first and foremost simplicity that prevails!

On the performance side, the current models are very efficient, enough, in any case, to appeal to beginner vapers and even sometimes to certain “experienced” vapers who praise its simplicity of use, its practical side and its performances remarkable enough to underline it.

Due to their simplicity and efficiency, pods are widely used:

– a pod that clips and unclips with a push,

– a format designed and studied for an excellent grip,

– a quick and easy e-liquid refill thanks to its 4 mm filling hole,

– an LED system to indicate the remaining battery life,

– impressive technical data despite its small size.

Discover one of the smallest vapers on the market: the mini electronic cigarette POCKET. As small as it is, this electronic mini-cigarette ensures optimal performance with a large volume of vapour and excellent restitution of flavours. With a power of 15 watts and a resistance of 1.6 ohms, you will certainly be amazed by the volume of vapour released by this “small” e-cigarette! Even the most experienced vapers praise the qualities of this unique format pod.