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A difference in performance between the

Although not every specialist is able to recognize a difference in performance between the BEC Pro and the ProVari, there do exist nuances in build quality. In favor of the BEC Pro is the fact that it has a floating magnetic center pin to exert solid contact with whatever attachment you might like to use.

There is no necessity to “pull the pin” here. On the other hand, it is not convenient when the BEC Pro’s activation button tends to makes noise when the device is moved. The threading of the BEC Pro also tends to peep and scrape when the device is assembled or taken to parts. Although you might be able to resolve this on your own with a bit of lubricant substance, it really should come this way from the factory.

The only negative point of the BEC Pro is the fact that it is impossible to keep the Bluetooth connected all the time. If compare BEC Pro with a fifth-generation iPod Touch running iOS 7, one could find out that it constantly lost its connection after a few minutes of not using it. SMOK representatives informed that the BEC Pro is designed to disable Bluetooth after ten minutes of inactivity.

This makes the BEC Pro a difficult device to use if you want to track your e-cigarette usage eactly. If you pick up the BEC Pro and forget to reconnect it with the app, the device won’t save your data at all.

Some smokers wished and suggested the BEC Pro to create a little bit of flash memory to continue tracking your usage when the connection with the app was discontinued. Perhaps that’s something SMOK will add to a future variant of the device. Finally, they orient on th demands and neds of the clients.