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What is Clearette E-Cigarette?

The basic Clearette e-cigarette kit is very modest at a resonable price and including nothing more than a battery, a USB charger and two cartridges. Clearette also sells a range of flavored disposable e-cigarettes, which are called “e-hookahs” as tribute to fashion that’s been popular over the past several months.

The flavor selection is equally uncommon — however Clearette’s disposable e-cigarettes come in a variety of flavors, cartridges for the standard Clearette e-cigarette are available in Tobacco and Menthol only with nicotine strengths of 18 and 24 mg. Clearette’s liquids are mostly of Chinese origin.

Clearette’s accessible price for a basic e-cigarette kit is about as low as you’ll find anywhere, but the price for five refill cartridges is slightly higher than average. But this tends to be compensated because Clearette doesn’t charge shipping fees for any of its products. That is a good advantage.

If you still see yourself buying just a pack or two of cartridges at a time rather than taking advantage of the bulk reduced offers available from companies such as V2 Cigs, the sum of money that you save by not paying shipping can quickly be calculated.

On the other hand, Clearette seems to lack a clear warranty and return policy except in the case of damaged, missing and unopened items. Unfortunately, a phone number and email address for customer service inquiries are not provided. However, the products are delivered in time and in good condition.