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Almost every e-liquid manufacturer will come up with inspired e-liquid by the taste of tobacco among the many items offered within their selection.

Tobacco flavour e-liquid

Tobacco-flavoured e-liquid is a popular way to switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping. This familiar flavour offers a solution to satisfy your lingering craving to smoke without the carcinogens, tar and other harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke. In addition, many smokers enjoy the taste of tobacco. 

If you are adventurous and want to experiment, you can mix your e-tobacco-flavoured liquid with a few drops of a sweet e-liquid such as strawberry or vanilla for don’t miss the opportunity to finally find your winning combination.

Menthol, sweet and fruity e-liquids

If you like menthol cigarettes, then mint e-liquids are a great choice for you. Get an explosion of icy freshness by opting for e-liquids at the peppermint or classic spearmint. If you are not afraid of originality, you can try something a little different like the chocolate chip flavour e-liquid mint chocolate.

As for fruity and sweet e-liquids, they are perfect for new amateurs vaping that is just getting started. If you’ve ever smoked a shisha, then you know surely flavours like apple, grape or strawberry go very well with the tobacco flavour to add a fruity kick to your nicotine fix.

Fruity e-liquids have been extremely popular since the early days of vaping. Due to this constant demand, there is now a wide range of e-liquids of high quality that perfectly imitate all the flavours of the fruits you come across at the market.

So whether you prefer the exotic taste of passion fruit or want to get away from it stick to more simplicity with the banana or strawberry taste, it is up to you to make your choice according to the mood of the moment.

E-liquids inspired by popular drinks

Do you have a favourite drink that you could drink all day? Whether from coffee, soda or any alcoholic drink, you are sure to find the e-liquid drink that will make you happy.

Popular choices include beer or cola-flavoured e-liquids as well as energy drinks like the famous Red Bull.

To spoil you, even more, e-liquid manufacturers have also thought of creating e-liquids inspired by the most coveted cocktails such as the Pina Colada or the Mojito to give you back the taste of summer days spent on the beach. Furthermore, there are also e-liquids inspired by bourbon or absinthe for the strongest among you.

If you want to be a little wiser, you can settle for an e-liquid flavoured with coffee without fear of overdosing on caffeine.