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Chinese, American and European E-Liquids

One of the most important things to bear in mind when purchasing e-liquid is the fact that most vendors marketing e-cigarettes get their e-liquid from China. There can be many reasons they are doing this: because it is cheaper, it is known worldwide.

It can be hard for some vendors to get in touch with the local suppliers because of the high costs they impose.

This actually is the case with every company whose key products are e-cigarettes. The only two exclusions among the biggest e-cigarette companies are Volcano and Blu Cigs, which use American-made e-liquid. If a company doesn’t mention that its e-liquid is made in the United States or Europe, it should be supposed it’s made in China. Nevertheless, not all Chinese e-liquid is bad; most e-smokers consider it low in quality in comparison with the products produced in the United States and Europe.

On the other hand, most companies whose key product is e-liquid make their own. Otherwise, they’re just selling the same Chinese e-liquid as everyone else and probably won’t conduct business for a long period of time. If you’re searching for some new e-liquid companies to experiment, we recommend a few of them in the list of the best e-liquid companies.