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Green Smoke Disposable E-Cigarette

Green Smoke Disposable E-Cigarette is another variety of disposable cigarettes. We should mention it because the Absolute Tobacco is the one of the better tobacco flavors one can ever dream to taste and appreciate at the same time.

Long ago, many vendors gave up on the idea of charging extra sum for each disposable e-cigarette, but Green Smoke still holds on that tactics. And we must say, it is very successful in this or that way.

So when getting this electronic cigarette, you are going to be able to select the flavor, as well as the level of nicotine that you want in that e-cig. Menthol ice and the absolute tobacco are the flavor alternatives which are currently available for the disposable e cigs; and, each variety is available in the 1.8%, full nicotine level.

Remember when you order the Green Smoke disposable electronic cigarettes, you do not have to finish it in one application; if you choose to vape it without interruption over a period of days, or even weeks, the disposable is going to last as long as the liquid cartridge is full. The e liquids will not dry out, simply because you do not consume the entire disposable e cig at once; instead, it will only finish when the cartridge is empty, and then you can dispose of it.