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After choosing your electronic cigarette, you still have to devote time to choosing your electronic cigarette liquid.

Why is the choice of electronic cigarette liquid important?

The decision to continue vaping or return to traditional cigarettes is almost always based on the choice of electronic cigarette liquid, more precisely: their taste and the right level of nicotine. If this taste/nicotine couple has been satisfactory, there is no doubt: that the person in question will become a fan of electronic cigarettes. On the other hand, this will not be the case if she did not appreciate it, in other words: if the smoker did not find the taste which does not tire during the day and the rate of nicotine which will satisfy the need for nicotine.

There are such a variety of e-cigarette liquid choices on the market that it’s entirely possible to get lost.

How to proceed if you want to make the right choice?

It all depends a lot on individual tastes and preferences. No rule states that such liquid is necessarily intended for such a person. However, a few tips are a good omen.

To help you in your choices, it is first important to know these few essential points:

An electronic cigarette liquid contains 3 different products: PG, also called propylene glycol, and VG, also known as vegetable glycerin and aromas.

The main purpose of the PG is to promote the taste as well as the flavours. Being of fluid material, it is also used in other fields, such as cosmetics or food. The VG, on the other hand, is used for the production of vapour. As for the aroma, it can be either natural or artificial. Finally, very often but optionally, there is nicotine between 0.3 and 2% of the volume of the e-liquid.

The criteria to absolutely consider

The PG/VG ratio

The flavour of a liquid strongly depends on this ratio, which is why it is necessary to inquire about it. In general, it is written on the product description as follows: PG/VG. The higher the rate of VG in an e-liquid, the more its vaporization will produce a dense and persistent vapour. If we tend to inhale the vapour directly into the lungs, a high rate of VG is often appropriate, whereas the vaper who uses his e-cigarette like a conventional cigarette, that is to say by passing the vapour through the mouth then into the lungs, will prefer a higher rate of PG or a ratio of 50/50.

Types of liquid according to their flavour

As mentioned earlier, flavour plays a major role in the choice of liquids and cigarettes in question. In all, we can distinguish 5 main types of electronic cigarette liquid: liquids with a classic flavour, which will recall tobacco, fruity, gourmet, menthol and finally flavourless.

  • Classic flavours

This flavour is considered to be the classic par excellence, due to its taste which is close to real cigarettes. If you are a beginner, you will need this type of e-liquid. This will indeed be a way to easily get used to these materials. The concept is simple, the first taste that beginners perceive should not be very far from the sensations that they were used to feel before. However, we should not have too many illusions. It turned out that no electronic cigarette liquid will taste the same as traditional cigarettes.

Also, a variety of classic flavours are available in the market. You can even get an idea of ​​their taste by carefully reading the product descriptions.

  • The fruity flavours

What is your favourite fruit? Lemon, strawberry, pineapple, peach,…? Anyway, you have the choice between a wide variety of electronic cigarette liquids with fruity flavours. If the smoker does not believe in this type of flavour before vaping, many evolve and appreciate them much more as they find their taste day after day by vaping. The most popular fruitiness is focused on red fruits, followed by citrus fruits and yellow fruits. We will mention a very popular mix of fresh red fruits, a mix of exotic fruits and citrus fruits. Pleasant to vape, they are a source of real pleasure!

  • Gourmet flavours

Thanks to the progress of the sector, a wide variety of e-liquids with complex recipes is now available in the world of gourmet flavours. What exactly do we mean by “greedy”? They have a rather original taste, which could be enjoyed with dessert: cake, cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, coffee, chocolate… 

  • Mint flavours

Fresh, minty, light or mind-blowing flavours are very important in the world of vaping. There are significantly more vapers who appreciate fresh tastes than smokers who smoke menthol cigarettes. Why? Certainly as much for the “hit” side brought to the throat by the minty freshness as for the freshness in the mouth like good refreshing chewing gum. A nice snub to your past smoker’s breath that will not be missed by those around you!

If you have been a fan of menthol cigarettes, mint candy or chewing gum, these types of electronic cigarette liquid with menthol flavours are the ones you need, but every vaper must have tried them.

Flavours without aroma

Some vapers don’t like flavours. They then choose to vape flavourless e-liquid. They then contain PG, VG and possibly nicotine but no additional aroma. They have no taste. They are also called the base.

The nicotine dosage

This criterion is not to be taken lightly. How should we proceed? In general, the amount of nicotine present in the electronic cigarette liquid appears in the product description. It varies from 0 to 20 mg (0 to 2% of the volume of the liquid). 0mg indicates that no nicotine is present and will not help a smoker stay away from tobacco and 20mg is a high dosage. The choice is made according to the “smoker profile”: occasional smoker, moderate smoker or a heavy smoker.

The nicotine level will have to be tested or found little by little. If you feel a lack or if you vape all day: you have to try to increase the nicotine. If, on the other hand, you have a dizzy head during the day and a passage in the throat that is difficult to see, which gives the throat a burning sensation, you will have to try to reduce the nicotine level.

Their origin

The origin of the electronic cigarette liquid is one of the most important criteria. Those of European origin, for example, stand out for their adherence to production standards and drastic labelling standards. The manufacturer is responsible for the product you use, so we suspect the necessary seriousness on their part.

If US and Asian e-liquids loaded with flavours and exotic recipes have been successful in the past, the lack of controls and the flavours used not always recommended for vaping have made them less popular. Today, European manufacturers have also developed a lot of complex and exotic flavours to focus customers on e-liquids with safer follow-up.

In short, your electronic cigarette liquid will be chosen especially according to each user and his taste which will not be debatable.

A few little tips

If you hesitate between several liquids, choose 10ml formats which will allow you to test many flavours. It is possible to mix them if your taste takes you there, just like mixing two similar e-liquids with different nicotine levels.

If you lower your nicotine level for example and you have e-liquid left that has become too strong, you can dilute it with the same reference to a lower nicotine level.