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E-Cigarette Tips - Use Low-Resistance Attachments as an option

If your e-cigarette has a battery at least the size and capacity of a 650 mAh eGo e-cigarette, try changing your standard-resistance 2.5 and 3.0 ohm atomizers and cartomizers for a 1.5 ohm low-resistance attachment.

These atomizers produce more power in watts using the same battery voltage, generating larger and more satisfying vapor puffs.

Volcano makes a low-resistance atomizer that could be liked by experienced e-smokers of e-cigarettes, called the Lava. Nevertheless, there is always a possibility to get low-resistance atomizers from just about any reputable vendor.

Low-resistance cartomizers are also available; however, not many specialists find them much better than standard-resistance cartomizers.
If you decided to improve your method of e-smoking, then this tip will just convenient for you and the best result will not keep you waiting.