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You were quietly vaping when suddenly your vaper started displaying an error message resembling ” Check Atomizer “, ” Atomizer Short ” or ” Atomizer Low “. Most electronic cigarettes contain a chipset whose purpose is to send the power and heat the resistance. But this chipset also contains several safeties and protections. The error message visible on your electronic cigarette is one of these securities. Explanations.

Your first reaction was to take the instructions for your electronic cigarette. Excellent reaction. Unfortunately, the user manual remains quite vague on this subject and speaks of a short circuit without giving more information on the various possible manipulations. Why? How? What to do? You can’t find an answer to your problem. To put it simply, there are several types of error messages (if your electronic cigarette has a control screen), each having a different origin.

The different error messages related to the clearomizer and the resistance of an electronic cigarette:

  • Error message concerning a connection problem between the battery and the clearomiser. Example: ” No Atomizer ” or ” Check Atomizer “.
  • An error message indicating a resistance value that is too low. Example: ” Atomizer Low “.
  • An error message indicating a short circuit of the clearomiser. Example: ” Atomizer Short “.

Most of the time, the error messages are in English but certain models of electronic cigarettes can have a message in French. In this case, you may get a ” Check Clearomizer ” or ” Low Resistance ” message etc.

Whether your electronic cigarette indicates a connection problem between the battery and the clearomiser or a resistance problem, we recommend that you follow the 3 following steps:

  • Unscrew and screw the resistance

Simply check that the resistor is correctly placed. In case of badly screwed resistance, this can cause bad contact and the non-detection of the resistance by the battery.

  • Unscrew the clearomiser and check the connectors

The connectors serve as a relay between the clearomiser and the box. If a false contact occurs at the level of these connectors, the power is no longer transmitted to the clearomiser and the resistance. Check that the studs are very clean, with no trace of e-liquid or another residue. Also, check that they are not stuck in using a small rod or screwdriver.

  • Replace resistor

If the previous two steps did not solve the problem, the resistor is likely worn or defective. Replacing it should probably solve the problem and the error message will disappear. If this is your first electronic cigarette, we advise you to consult our article on the different steps to change an electronic cigarette coil.